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How to use starch

potato starch - a product that is obtained from potato tubers. It is a loose powder of white or slightly yellowish color, which is admirably absorbed by the human body.

But starch is very underestimated, because it can beCall an excellent assistant, who should always be at hand at the good housewife. There are many ways to use this product in everyday life and even as a cure for many ailments.

You can see for yourself, after all "so simple!" Prepared for you today 10 ways to use starch.

How to use starch


  1. Powder for the body
    Mix the starch with a few drops of your favorite essential oil and mix thoroughly. At your disposal a fragrant natural powder for the body with a soothing effect.
  2. Care of animals
    Starch can replace the usual shampoo for animals. For this purpose it is enough to put it on a wool and to comb out the pet.
  3. The old deck of cards has become a new
    If you have a souvenir deck of cards that is very dear to you, but the cards become sticky, put them in a sealed bag with starch and shake. Then clean the card.
  4. Old plush toys
    Soft toys also require periodic maintenance. To clean your toy pet, put it in a bag of starch. Then shake it and leave it overnight. In the morning it is necessary to vacuum the toy.
  5. wooden furniture
    To get an effective tool for cleaning wooden furniture, mix water and starch in a 1: 1 ratio.
  6. With angina
    Divide in a glass of water a half teaspoon of starchAnd 3-5 drops of a 5% alcohol solution of iodine. Stir this solution and rinse your throat several times a day to quickly and surely get rid of the pain in angina.

  7. With gastrointestinal diseases
    Three times a day, 15 minutes before a meal, take a dessert spoonful of potato starch inside. Every serving, drink a third cup of boiled water.
  8. For the treatment of scabs and skin inflammations, pigment spots and acne
    Rub starch into the skin, where there are scrapes, inflammation or pimples to get rid of them. You can also use starch as a powder.
  9. For smoothing wrinkles on the hands and softening the coarsened skin areas
    It is necessary to make starch trays. To do this, make a spoonful of starch with a liter of boiling water and wait until the solution has cooled slightly.
  10. For colds, coughs and colds
    Mix half a tablespoon of starch, a canteenA spoonful of honey, 2 fresh raw egg yolks and 2 tablespoons of butter. Mix everything until a homogeneous mass is formed and take half a tablespoon 3 times a day for an hour before meals.

In addition to the above properties, starch can reduce Cholesterol level In the blood, because it has anti-sclerotic properties.

And thanks to the high content of potassium, it helps to remove excess water from the body (which is important for those suffering from kidney diseases and drinkers).