/ How to stop bleeding

How to stop bleeding

Many people experience a pathological fear of blood, which is called hemophobia. Sometimes even desperate brave men can become confused at the sight of their own or someone else's blood.

If you were cooking food and accidentally cut your finger with a knife - you can take this advice and stop the bleeding in 10 seconds!

Now we will tell you about the simple and ingenious way to quickly cope with the cut and stop the bleeding.


How to stop bleeding

It turns out, the secret ingredient may well be in your kitchen, and this - Cayenne pepper!! Sprinkle a wound with a small amount of ground hot pepper, and the bleeding will stop after a few seconds!

This secret ingredient is more than just a seasoning. Red hot pepper helps to get rid of migraines, heartburn, colds, flu, joint pain and Fungal infection.

Also this kind of pepper is ideal for those who suffer from obesity, edema and toothache. Currently, scientists are studying its ability to prevent cancer.


Attention! This is not only the fastest way to stop bleeding, but also one of the most painful! If you have a low pain threshold - perhaps you should not use this method.

With the help of red hot pepper it is possible to stop Slight bleeding. However, it is worth remembering that with serious wounds andGreat blood loss immediately should contact a doctor. When it comes to life and death - only the specialist should take care of wounds!

I remember how in childhood we knocked our knees, scratched our hands and constantly applied to the wounds Plantain leaves. And what methods of rapid stop bleeding you know? Share this simple advice with your friends so that they do not get confused in such situations!