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Beds that save space

Small apartments - this is a real tragedy for those who live not alone. And if there are children, then the carcass is light! A lot of clothes, things, toys and very little personal space, which all claim.

But do not despair, especially if housing -Its not a removable one. In such cases, designers advise to resort to small tricks, for example, use corners, caches or furniture, which will perform the function of 2 in 1.

If you know the problem of a small bedroom and a lot of things, look at these photos - you can get some ideas!

Beds that save space

  1. In a family where two children, with such beds do cleaning up is easy. And how much free space - there is where to play out!
    Children's bed
  2. Boxes on wheels. A great idea for storing bed linen, towels or children's toys.
    Crates on wheels
  3. A bed without drawers does not hide bed linen, but can serve as a mini-library. a budget option.
    Drawer under the bed
  4. And if you insert boxes - you can hide anything in them!
    Drawers under the bed
  5. Functional bed not only for kids, but also for teenagers!
    Children's bed
  6. A real boat for a young sailor, in which you can hide a lot of treasures!
    Children's bed
  7. Excellent Children's bed, Which will teach the child to order. Every thing - its place!
    Bed with drawers
  8. Shelves are hidden from prying eyes and allow you to store books, albums, synopses ... an excellent solution for the student!
  9. Not a bed, but real bees! Perhaps my room with such a bed would look empty.
    Bed with drawers
  10. Under such a wide bed, you can store anything: from warm blankets and pillows to underwear. There seems to be no such thing that would not fit here!
    Wide bed

As they say, in cramped, but not in offense. Even if your apartment is small - this is not an excuse to get upset. Better think about how to properly organize space and use every little detail.

Share these tips with your friends. Even in a small bedroom you can hide a lot of things!