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How to restore vision

Over time, even the almost healthy person's body begins to malfunction. For today the inhabitants of all developed countries have faced one more serious problem: Blurred vision.

By the age of 50, people are beginning to develop a defeatThe most important department of the retina. During the year the person irreversibly loses sight. First the image becomes fuzzy, dark spots appear. Then distorted objects, the perception of color deteriorates, and a person can not see in the dark. It was recently thought that this disease is incurable ... but scientific research hastens to make us happy!

How to keep sight


Studies of the Harvard Medical School show that age Problems with vision Can be avoided by lowering the level of cholesterol in the body. This is due to the fact that fat deposits accumulate under the retina, which causes a deterioration in vision.

23 patients who took the remedy forLowering cholesterol, felt a significant improvement in vision. Here we are already talking about garlic! If you eat half a clove of garlic every day, you can significantly lower the cholesterol level in a natural way. Thus the vision will be restored!

High blood pressure also suppressesActivity of the retina. For visual acuity the retina should be constantly saturated with oxygen. Garlic is a natural product that helps bring blood pressure back to normal.

As you can see, garlic is a cheap and effective waySave and stop the loss of vision. Then you do not have to undergo operations to restore vision, eat this useful product. Do not forget to share information with your friends!