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How to pluck eyebrows with a thread

This way you need to see! The video that we propose to see will teach you how to tweeze your eyebrows in an unusual way. With tweezers, with which it is required to handle patiently and cautiously, does not suit everyone.

Women who tried the thread for Epilation Instead of tweezers, claim that this is a less painful way. In addition, after applying the thread there is no ugly irritation and the hair grows extremely slowly.

How to pluck eyebrows with a thread

This method is very ancient and long in favor with Muslim women. Stock up with a pretty strong thread and proceedPractice. In this business the main thing is training! Eyebrow care with a thread takes very little time and will help when tweezers were not at hand.

Movements of hands with a thread resemble the work of small scissors - you grab your hair and pinch it against growth. Of course, you need to get used to, but the idea is very good!

Straighten your eyebrows gradually so that they turn outSymmetrical, with even edges. This detailed video will help any woman to master useful technology - show your friends how to use the thread to make hair removal at home!