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How to keep food fresh for a long time

Due to the fact that we are storing products incorrectly,They get spoiled, and we have to throw them away. Often a similar situation arises from the fact that people buy goods for a week ahead and do not have time to use everything.

Do not be upset, there is a way out. There are ways that will help prolong the life of products.

We have prepared for you the 9 most Useful lifhhakov, Which can be used at least every day.

Freshness of products

  1. So that the honey is stored longer, put it in a dark place, tightly closing the lid.
  2. usually Eggs are stored in a refrigerator. But sometimes there are times when the landlady does not have time to use all the eggs. They can be frozen without loss of taste and consistency.

    Use an ice tray, add a little salt or sugar so that the eggs do not become grainy. Use such eggs when the need ripens. Very convenient, by the way.


  3. Greens can be stored in a glass jar, closedCover, or in a plastic bag with holes in it. You can wrap the greens in a damp cloth towel, and then put it in storage in the refrigerator.
    Greens in a jar
  4. Store the cheese in a special paper bag or Parchment paper. Do not wrap it in polyethylene. To prevent the cheese from drying, you can lubricate the fresh cut with butter.
  5. Keep the pineapples inverted. So they will be sweeter.
  6. Keep a green onion in the water. Peel the stems and put the bulbs in a jar of water. Wrap the feathers with a wet towel and cover with a plastic bag.

    Put the jar on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. So the green onions will be stored for about 2 weeks.

    Green onion

  7. Pumpkin store better on shelves, stems up. The main thing is not on the ground. Pumpkins should never be in contact with each other.

    They can still be stored in hay or straw. If you keep a pumpkin on the balcony, cover it with a cloth to protect from the sun.


  8. ginger root Keep in the fridge for no more than a week. At the same time wrap it in a food film. Make sure that the root is dry.
  9. Peel the corn cob. Fill the bowl with water, add a few ice cubes, lemon juice and salt (1 tsp to 1 liter of water). Put in a solution of the corn cob for no more than half an hour.

    Drain the water and separate the grain. Then put the grain in Sealed bags. In this way they can be stored for three to four weeks.


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