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Commandments of all religions

"Why should I do this?"- this question is often asked by people who do not have everything in life as smoothly as they would like. We suggest not to lose heart, but to think. If luck has left you - most likely, it's up to you. There are laws with which it is pointless and stupid to argue, they work with everyone, in any conditions.

If you forget about them and do something,Contrary to eternal truths, you can ruin everything that you have. These tips will help to remember the most important and inspire you to be a happy and happy person! All the rest will necessarily follow.

Commandments of religions

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  1. joy. Suffering is a stupid and useless occupation. Man is created for happiness, not for suffering!
  2. Help the world. Perfect yourself, use your talents, extend a helping hand to those who are around. Helping the world, you help yourself.
  3. love. The more love and kindness you radiate, the moreBetter is your life and the life of your loved ones. This simple law can get rid of trouble very quickly! Every person knows how to love, give his love, and she will return to you well-being in all life spheres.
  4. There is nothing accidental. Accidents can not be - a system that looks like chaos, is perfect! Remember that all your words and deeds have consequences - both good and bad. Radiate good!
  5. think positive. If you have faith, hope and love in your mind, everything will start to play in new colors and will go well. With a bad attitude nothing makes sense.
  6. stay calm. Always remain calm, and in return you will be granted happiness!
  7. Believe. If you believe that everything will work out, it will happen. Faith is the greatest driving force.
  8. Listen to yourself. You have answers to all the questions that interest you, the main thing is to hear the voice of justice and goodness in your heart in time.
  9. you are loved. Even when you commit evil and rash acts, you always have the hope of forgiveness. There is a power that loves you, no matter what.
  10. Do not judge others. If you condemn others - and you will be judged, if you deceive - you will be deceived. Act wisely with others.
  11. Do not blame anyone. In all his troubles man is to blame himself - bad thoughts, resentments, anger, wrong decisions change lives for the worse.
  12. Prosper! You have everything to live safely. A person needs not so much for life, as we used to think.
  13. Be merciful. Pity the evil, in your opinion, the person, smile cruel - never be like them.
  14. Do self-development. If you do not develop, you are hurting yourself. A stop in development entails unhappiness.
  15. Not "for what?", But "for what?". Know - providence does not slumber, and everything happens to you for a reason.

Any difficulties are just lessons that will makeYou're better. Faith in something great can create a miracle even in the most desperate, seemingly, situation. Remember these valuable tips, and happiness will transform your life!