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Properties of cinnamon

I can not imagine my kitchen without cinnamon: I am a longtime admirer of this fragrant spice. Tea, coffee, kefir with cinnamon, pastries, fruit salads and even sharp sauces for meat - I use it constantly!

That the cinnamon would bring the maximum benefit to the bodyAnd improved the taste of dishes, it is necessary to fulfill several conditions. Use for your culinary masterpieces fresh spice: the longer it is stored, the less useful substances observed in its composition.

In addition, it makes sense to buy Cinnamon sticks And cook powder from them independently with a blender or a coffee grinder. The fact is that cinnamon is of different kinds! You never know what you're buying by choosing cinnamon in a bag.


Ceylon cinnamon More light, has a very bright, sweet burning scent and taste. Indonesian cinnamon, Which is often called "fake", is more dull, dark red, does not have a strong aroma. Buying cinnamon sticks, it is worth paying attention to this: Ceylon cinnamon is much more useful.

You can check the authenticity of cinnamon by dropping onPinch of spice a little iodine. Ceylon cinnamon will only lighten slightly, while Indonesian cinnamon will turn bright blue: it contains a lot of starch.

Properties of cinnamon

  1. A pinch of cinnamon contains a daily norm of manganese, iron and calcium. These useful substances are well absorbed by the body.
  2. Cinnamon is a natural anticoagulant, it prevents the formation of blood clots in the blood and improves blood flow. Is shown to everyone who has a predisposition to varicose veins.
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  4. Antibacterial properties of cinnamon help to cope with various infections, the substances that make up its composition kill pathogenic bacteria and fungi.
  5. Cinnamon - a powerful antioxidant, which is able to regularly prevent heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
  6. Cinnamon reduces blood sugar and cholesterol, taking care of the health of the blood vessels and internal organs.
  7. Cinnamon accelerates metabolism and is effectiveMeans for losing weight. It is enough to drink on an empty stomach warm water with a pinch of cinnamon, and all the processes in the body will flow faster under the action of a natural stimulant!

Pieces of apples with ground nuts and Ground cinnamon - one of my favorite snacks, which I want to advise everyone! Replacing the familiar sandwich with such healthy food, you will do a great service to your body.

It is also useful sometimes to drink tea with milk and cinnamon or Warm milk with cinnamon And honey: these drinks not only normalize the condition of all organs, they increase immunity and soothe the nervous system!

Show your relatives this article, take care of their good health!