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How to quickly burn fat

Kaisa keranen from Washington - not just a fitness coach. This person literally radiates optimism and health. With its inexhaustible energy, it charges not only visitors to the gym, but also motivates do sport Readers of their page in the social network.

Kisa keranen coach

in their Home workouts Kaisa uses everything that comes to hand. It clearly demonstrates that sports can be practiced always, everywhere and under any circumstances.

An unusual set of exercises with which he hurries to introduce you "so simple!", So effective that the results will be visible in the shortest time!

How quickly to burn fat

Training is built on the principle of "more movementsFor a minimum of time. " For each exercise, you need to allocate 20 seconds and try to put the best out for this period. And yes, you need 4 rolls of toilet paper ...

  1. Jumps. Build a turret from toilet paper, for thisSit down and pick up one roll. Jumping, unfold the body, then drop on the feet and put the roll on the floor. Thus it is necessary to rearrange the entire turret from the rolls. Repeat everything again. Remember that you need to move very fast!
    Exercises for burning fat
  2. Slopes, standing on one leg. Place the rolls in a semicircle, lift one leg. Bend down, touch the roll with your hand, straighten up. Repeat with each roll, then change your leg.
    Exercises for burning fat
  3. Bar. Again build a turret from rolls, stand in front of her in the bar. With your right hand lean on the floor, left rearrange the rolls to the left. Change hands.
    Exercises for burning fat
  4. Swinging legs in a reclining position. Sit on the floor, to maintain balance, lean against the back. Place the legs and paper, as shown in the photo. Do energetic mahi alternately with each foot, trying not to knock down the pyramid from the rolls.
    Exercises for burning fat
  5. Inclined leaps. It looks like army training! Put rolls in a row. Jump over on this foot, this barrier, bend over, touch the floor with your hand, straighten up, jump over again. Repeat with the other leg.
    Exercises for burning fat
  6. Bar on the side with legs flapping. Lay the rolls in a semicircle. Stand in the side bar. In a broad sweep, touch your toes in turn with each roll. Return to the starting position, repeat on the other side.
    Exercises for burning fat
  7. Twisting in the supine position. Lie on your back, pick up a roll of paper. Simultaneously tearing off the upper body and the legs, put the roll between the feet. Once again, take the papers in your hands.
    Exercises for burning fat

Here's a funny video, where Exercises with toilet paper In slow motion the guy shows. What a fine fellow!

Never would have thought that conventional rollsToilet paper can be useful for fitness. I can say that after such training under the incendiary music I felt every muscle ... but invigorates incredibly!

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