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How to care for knives

Knives are irreplaceable helpers in the kitchen. They help to quickly cut food. In order for sharp instruments to look good and serve for a long time, you need to know a few tricks.

We have prepared for you 7 tips for the rightCare for these kitchen tools. They say that in order to find out if you are a good housewife, you need to look at the condition of the knives in your kitchen. So keeping an eye on this is definitely worth it.

Knife care

  1. A sharp knife is not as traumatic as a dull knife
    The sharp blade clearly follows its path. But a blunt knife can slip off the product. In this case, the threat of cutting is increased at times. Constantly sharpen knives, even those that you rarely use. The best for sharpening is a special abrasive bar. Do the procedure at an angle of 12-15 degrees.
  2. Knife cuts a tomato

  3. Different knives are designed for different purposes
    Every housewife should get at least 4Knives. You should have: a large chef's knife for meat, a knife for vegetables and fruits, as well as bread with a relief blade. Each hostess should have a universal knife with a blade length of up to 12 centimeters.
  4. Colored knives

  5. Keep the knives separately
    Do not keep the knives together with forks and spoons. So they can quickly become blunt or deform.
  6. Stands for knives

  7. Choose the right support
  8. Keep the knives in plastic or softwood stands. They will not spoil kitchen utensils.

    Stands for knives

    Stands for knives

    Stands for knives

    Stands for knives

  9. My knives
    It is advisable to wash the knives immediately after use. It is especially important to do this after you cut the citrus or tomatoes, because the acid that is contained in them quickly spoils the surface of the knives. It's best to do it under a stream of cool water. Use a soft sponge and an ordinary cleanser. Do not use bleach, soda and chlorine-containing substances.
  10. Washes the knife

  11. Do not forget to wipe the knife
    To prevent corrosion and keep the blade in good condition, wipe the knives dry.
  12. Wipes the knife

  13. Choose the right board
    If you want your knives to serveLonger, use them in pairs with a board made of birch, pine or other wood. You can also use plastic boards. Glass, ceramics and metal blunt blades and wear it out.
  14. Knife


Keep the knives and take care of them correctly, and then they will serve you long. And also share with your friends these useful tips!