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How to smooth the natural skin

It's time to get warm things from the closet! If you accidentally discovered that the adored leather jacket is completely stuck and looks "tired", this is not a reason to flee to buy a new one. Try to smooth a jacket, raincoat, coat or any other leather thing in this simple way.

It is known to everyone who loves elegant clothes - leather Looks chic. You can just get a thing out of the closet, hang it on your shoulders and wait a couple of days until it is naturally smoothed out ... and what if you need it at its best right now? There is a method that works without fail.

Leather Jacket

How to smooth the natural skin

This method is suitable only for products made from genuine leather! The fake may be spoiled.

  1. Hang the jacket on your shoulders in the bathroom in a place that does not get water on it. Open the tap with hot water. Turn off the ventilation, close the bathroom door.
  2. After 10 minutes hot wet steam completely smoothes the jacket. It will dry out a little in the room? - and you can safely flaunt!

The seams can be ironed through a wet cloth at the lowest temperature. So that the skin gains luster, sodium with its whipped protein with a cotton swab or a sponge.

Here's such an easy way to get your leather things shiny! Be sure to share this trick with friends - not everyone knows about it ...