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How to use Vaseline

Vaseline was invented back in 1878 and since that time it is a universal and indispensable tool that should be at home for every person. He is able to heal, moisturize, nourish and Soften the skin.

In the field of beauty Vaseline - all accessible means which will allow you to carry out effective complex care of a body.

so "so simple!" Prepared for you 16 ways to use Vaseline, which cover a wide range of areas of our lives - from cosmetology to everyday situations.

How to use petroleum jelly

  1. So that the lipstick does not stain the teeth, they can be lubricated with a small amount of petroleum jelly.
  2. A cotton swab with petroleum jelly will help remove scuffs on patent leather shoes.
  3. To gently make up nails varnish, smear the cuticle with Vaseline.
    nail polish
  4. Vaseline can be used as a means to remove makeup.
    Make-up removal
  5. This miracle-remedy can soften the coarsened skin.
    soft skin
  6. If the clothes remained Traces of makeup, Petroleum jelly and a damp cloth will help them clean.
  7. To get rid of calluses on your feet, just apply a little Vaseline on them at night and put on socks. The next morning the skin will become soft and tender.
  8. Vaseline will help prevent the appearance of Split ends hair. For this they need to be lubricated with a small amount of a product.
    split ends
  9. Petroleum jelly can easily replace Hailer. You just need to apply a small amount of it to the cheekbones to get a natural shine.
  10. They say that petroleum jelly contributes to the growth of eyelashes.
  11. If zael castle with a zipper, smear it with petroleum jelly.
  12. Vaseline will help you make the fragrance of perfume more stable. For this, smear the skin in the places where you will apply perfume.
  13. To easily and absolutely painlessly put on an earring, smear the lobe with vaseline.
  14. That self-tanning or Bronzing cream Lay evenly, smear dry patches of skin with petroleum jelly.
    suntan cream
  15. Vaseline mixed with sea salt is excellent Body scrub.
    Body Scrub
  16. So as not to rub your nose with a handkerchief during a cold, smear the area around your nose with petroleum jelly.
    Runny nose

Vaseline - a wonderful tool that must be in your medicine chest. Experience these wonderful properties of all our familiar means and share them with your friends!