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Ideas for corners in an apartment

In ancient times in the corner of the room it was acceptedPut icons, and still - disobedient children who served their sentence there. Fortunately, today's kids are more fortunate (or unlucky?), And the corners now lonely dust and are considered completely unnecessary in the interior.

However, if you approach creativity creatively, you can change a lot! For example, if you have a small apartment and many things or you want to diversify Interior decoration And find a place for your favorite or very necessary items - use the corners. You do not even believe how well you can organize space, using small design tricks!

Ideas for corners in an apartment

  1. Cool solution for Wardrobe in the bedroom. I fell in love with this idea at first sight.
  2. wardrobe

  3. Such lockers allow you to accommodate twice as many dishes!
  4. Cupboard

  5. If you come up creatively, then the kitchen in any style will look cool!
  6. Original kitchen

  7. Idea for the nursery. Kids will definitely appreciate it!
  8. children's room

  9. In the hallway little space? Try the corner shelves! Guests will be surprised with such a creative decision!
  10. Corner shelves

  11. Bed with double headboard Not only fit perfectly into the corner of the room, but also allow you to choose any position for sleep.
  12. Bed in the bedroom

  13. A corner that is ideal for schoolchildren or their parents. Can be used in the kitchen, in the hallway or office. Very useful thing.
  14. angle

  15. Going to work, you forget to take an umbrella? Now he literally asks for himself!
  16. umbrella

  17. Even the corner is not an obstacle for the chairs, which were conceived as a single whole. To rearrange them to another place, of course, is difficult, but they look amazing!
  18. Chairs photo

  19. This table will perfectly fit into any corner of the apartment. Now I know where to put the aquarium!
  20. aquarium

Do not be shy to fantasize! Apartment is designed for convenience - make your home comfortable with the help of small tricks. Sharing these ideas with your friends, you will teach them to evaluate the space in the room differently!