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Exercises for rejuvenation from Chinese empresses

There is a unique Rejuvenation technique. It was specially designed by the Taoist monks for the Chinese empresses who wanted to stay young for a longer time. But more recently these secrets have been discovered by ordinary people.

Those who practice these exercises feel a surge of energy from the first day. After a while there is an improvement in health and appearance.

Chinese Empress

Exercises for rejuvenation

There are 4 principles that apply in Chinese medicine:

  1. Do everything slowly.
  2. Breathe smoothly and calmly.
  3. Do all the exercises without straining your muscles. Imagine that someone is controlling your movements.
  4. Concentrate on certain points of the body. So you can accelerate the impact on them.

If you begin to perform these exercises, choose for yourself a suitable quiet place, time, and also clothes. The latter should be convenient.


  1. Open our shoulders
    Stand up straight, put your feet to the width of your shoulders. Relax your hands. Concentrate on your breathing. It must be calm and deep. Think of youth and energy.

    Put your hands on your feet and sit down a little. The body slightly tilt forward. Slowly put your hands on your knees.

    Lift your hips slightly. Lower your head and shoulders down. Exhale.

    Then slowly rise, returning to the starting position. Do 8 reps.

  2. "The return of spring"
    One of the main exercises of this technique is called "the return of spring". it Improves metabolism. After a while you will notice that your skin has become purer. Will dry out and inflammation.

    Stand up straight, put your feet to the width of your shoulders. Take a deep breath. Then, exhaling, sit down a little. The housing must be permanently straight. Try to relax, and then make light, springy movements with your knees. If you carry out the movements correctly, you will feel how the vibration passes through the body.

Be careful: you can not do this exercise to women in the situation, those who have problems with the abdominal organs, and with abundant Menstrual discharge.

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