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How to strengthen immunity

From our immunity depends the work of all organs and systems. When a person falls ill, improperly eats, constantly is exposed to stress or lives in unfavorable conditions, then Protective function The body is reduced and it takes a lot of time to restore it.

If you want to strengthen immunity in the shortest possible time - try this method! Perhaps it is not the most pleasant, but effective!

Ice bath

Application of

  1. Pour cold water into the bowl and add a few ice cubes.
  2. Water should be so much that it reaches the ankles.
  3. Dip both feet in a bowl for 10-15 seconds.
  4. If you think that this time will seem like an eternity, divert your consciousness by switching on your TV or your favorite music.
  5. After 15 seconds dry your feet, put on warm woolen socks and go to bed.
  6. After you feel that you are warm, you can take off socks.

Cold Foot bath Recommends to his patients doctor of medical sciences, the founder of kinesitherapy sergei bubnovsky.

To strengthen immunity in this way,It is enough to repeat this procedure every day before going to bed. During a cold or flu, you can do a bath every 4 hours. Do not think that your condition will worsen, on the contrary, the immune system will react sharply to such stress and will be able to cope faster with the disease.

Remember that before starting any treatment it is worth consulting with your doctor. Cold foot baths are a great way to bring the body into tonus!

If you value the health of your friends - be sure to tell them how to strengthen immunity without medications!