/ How to fix a hole in the wall

How to fix a hole in the wall

If you have a small hole in your wall at home, do not postpone it for a while, when you will make a full repairs And buy building materials.

Instead, pay attention to a few secrets that we have prepared. Close up Holes in the wall Can be quickly and conveniently fabricated by yourself. Great ideas that can come in handy.

How to fix a hole in the wall

  1. Toothpaste Great for hiding holes in walls. To fill small holes in the wall, squeeze out toothpaste. Gently distribute it and give a little dry.
  2. Toothpaste

  3. If you do not have a toothpaste, use soap. A little wet it and rub the hole or crack until it is full. An excellent old-fashioned method!
  4. soap

  5. Mix a little soda with superglue and fill a small hole with a toothpick. After the place has dried, sand it.
  6. Soda and glue

  7. For large holes: Take a square piece of cardboard, a little larger in size than a hole in the wall. Make two holes in the center of the cardboard. Stretch the thread through one hole and get it out of the other. Place the cardboard vertically in the hole. Make sure that all corners are inside.

    Mix one tablespoon of flour, a teaspoonfulSalt and a little water. Apply a mixture around the edges of the cardboard. Hold the thread so that the cardboard does not fall into the wall. Let me dry, and then take out the thread. Cover the second layer of cardboard and the wall around it. Level and ground.

  8. How to fix a hole in the wall

These wonderful ideas will help you To hide holes in the walls Without extra costs. Share them with your friends!