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Ice for the skin

We are accustomed to use ice as an anti-inflammatory, edematous remedy. But scientists from the University of Kentucky found that ice effectively removes cellulite! They assure: that To get rid of superfluous hypodermic fat, Enough for 30 minutes a day to apply ice packs to problem areas or massage ice cubes.

Anti-cellulite ice pack

The fact is that in the human body there are 2 types Body fat: White fat and beige. White fat is the fat on the buttocks, hips, abdomen, sides, against which we are so selfless and at times without result we struggle. And beige (brown) fat is responsible for the thermoregulation of the body and burns to keep the body warm in the cold.

A new method of fighting fat depositsIs based on the mechanism of converting white fat into beige. When white subcutaneous fat cools, it turns into beige, which in turn burns to raise body temperature.

Ice for the skin

To do Anti-cellulite compress, Put a handful of ice cubes into a linen bag. The problem part of the body is covered with a towel, and from above place an ice bag for 30 minutes. Stop the procedure if you suddenly feel a burning sensation or experience any other negative sensations to prevent the risk of frostbite.

for Anti-cellulite massage Wrap pieces of ice with a napkin and massage the bodyCircular movements, giving each problem zone no more than 2 minutes. After the procedure, intensively rub the skin with a terry towel: a large temperature drop will additionally affect the fat burning process. Apply a moisturizing lotion or milk on the skin of the body.

For massage you can cook Ice from broth of herbs (Chamomile, marigold, turn, lime) or mineral water.

Perform these procedures 3-4 times a week to ensure the effectiveness of the method. And to accelerate the process of losing weight will help exercise to burn fat.

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