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10 ways to use baby oil

Baby oil Must necessarily be in every home, even if you and your spouse have not yet got children. Firstly, it can be used for cosmetic purposes.

Secondly, it is a great help in someTicklish situations, for example, if you find that you can not take the ring off your finger. This tool has many more unusual uses, many of which have become for me a pleasant discovery. With impatience I hasten to share.

Use of baby oil

  1. if Feet cracked - use at night baby oil, then put on your toes and go to bed. In the morning the skin will be very gentle and smooth!
  2. legs

  3. If the paint has dried on your hands - do not despair. It can easily be removed by wiping the skin with a cotton swab dipped in baby oil.
  4. Hand in paint

  5. The thin chain has got confused? Oil the nodules with baby oil - and you can easily return her the old look.
  6. Baby oil

  7. A great way to protect your feet from irritation - use baby oil instead of a shaving cream.
  8. legs

  9. If you are afraid of pain and do not know how to ease the removal of the band-aid, or you want to remove a tattoo sticker from the skin - use baby oil. The process will pass quickly and painlessly.
  10. patch

  11. Can not take the ring off your finger? A couple of drops of baby oil will help you.
  12. How to remove the ring

  13. Remove the makeup will help a cotton swab dipped in a small amount of baby oil.
  14. Girl removes makeup

  15. Ear wax can be removed quickly using a pipette and a few drops of baby oil. Bury your ear and after a few minutes take a warm shower.
  16. Instillation of oil in the ear

  17. So that Make-up brush Was soft, wash it with warm water and soap and apply a few drops of baby oil. The bristles will become soft and elastic.
  18. Make-up brush

  19. Do you want the skin to be smooth and velvety after taking a shower? Add a couple drops of oil in the shower gel and shake well. 2 in 1 tool is ready!
  20. Girl in the shower

Hope these tips will help you or your friends avoid many unpleasant situations. Be sure to tell everyone about Use of baby oil And share a good mood!