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15 tricks for quick cleaning

Some mistresses can wipe the dust for hours and rearrange their favorite statuettes from place to place, and others need a week of moral preparation and another week to To put the apartment in order. If you are one of those who spend a lot of time cleaning up - this article is for you!

Here you will find not only interesting tips, butAnd learn how to put children in order. By the way, using the advice number 13, I organized the order in the bathroom so that now all the towels hang on their hooks!

How quickly to clean the house

  1. Hooks from the shower curtain take lessPlaces than hangers. Hang a bag or bag on such a hook, and you can safely store in them scarves, belts, socks - in general everything, for which there is no room in the closet.
    Packs on hooks
  2. To store small things, such as batteries, you can use small boxes or containers.
    Batteries in boxes
  3. Folded linens Can be stored in a pillowcase.
  4. Select a basket or box for each family member. If you see that someone has scattered their things, put them in the basket of the "guilty", and let him himself put the items in their places.
  5. A suspension of cables that you do not use on the hooks inside the lockers.
    Cables on hooks
  6. Conduct the cord from the power filter into the drawer of the bedside table and load the gadgets right in the box!
     Cord from the mains filter in the bedside table
  7. Another great way for those who have manyTechniques. To put in order the wires under the table can be using a panel with holes, holder-stickers, nylon gasket and metal screws and washers.
    How to fix wires
  8. for Storing passwords To a variety of cards in the smartphone there are many programs, for example, a key ring. Well, and discount and gift cards put on a ring with a key ring.
    Bank cards
  9. Give it to the library, in good hands or just sell books that you do not need: children's literature, textbooks, some art works. Everything that you will never read.
    Books on the steps
  10. It is better to store board games in packets. Chips and cubes are definitely not lost.
    Board games
  11. Use the space under the table.
  12. Before the cleaning the bed was made. You can use it as a "workplace" to disassemble things, or in this way you avoid the temptation to lie down while you are cleaning. And it's also a great incentive to put the order in the room faster - the look of the tucked bed will contrast with the scattered things!
  13. Instead of towel racks use hooks. If the house has children, make sure that the hooks are hung at the level of an extended child's hand, then the kids will be able to Hang towels Yourself. This reduces the likelihood that when you visit the bath you will find this hygiene item on the floor.
    Hooks for towels
  14. Determine where garbage accumulatesMost quickly, and every weekend, give these "problem zones" special attention. Use ideas to store things and get rid of unnecessary junk as much as possible.
    Before and after harvesting
  15. The last, but, perhaps, the most important cunning -Use the "rule of five". Every time you clean in one of the rooms, be sure to throw at least five things. It could be an old magazine, an unnecessary note, or something that you have not used for years.

If you value your time and the time of your friends - tell them about the tricks that can be used in cleaning the apartment. Rather put things in order and meet at a cafe for a cup of tea!