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Tips for using a knife

Many women enjoy watching culinary shows where famous (or not) chefs show professional tricks in the kitchen, which are perceived as real tricks.

One of such "wizards" is anthonyKotroneo - the chef of the palm restaurant in Los Angeles, whose skill can not remain indifferent. With his eight-inch knife he cuts the vegetables so quickly that I had to reconsider some points two or three times! What tricks does it use?

How to use a knife

  1. Knife grip
    Knife in hand

    The trick of correct capture is toTo grasp the knife with your thumb, and then put the rest on the handle. In addition, the knife needs to be balanced by placing the index finger on the middle of the handle. The hand should not be too tense.

  2. Work with the board

    Do not completely tear off the knife from the cutting board!

  3. Professional slicing of vegetables
    The knife cuts the onion

    This item is only suitable for slicing vegetables! Other products are cut in a different way! Fingers slightly bend, resembling claws, pads abut on the vegetable top.

  4. Slicing
    Carrots with a knife

    To cut with straw, for example, carrots,You must first use the method described above, cutting the vegetable into pieces in 4-5 cm, then making a cut from one side of the piece to make it flat. After this, the pieces can be cut along, and then straw.

  5. How to cut onions cubes
    With a knife, cut an onion

    The bulb is cut along. First you need to take one half and cut it horizontally into three parts, cutting the vegetable only by three quarters. Then make the same cuts three quarters vertically. Now you can cut.

  6. Chop down leafy greens
    Knife sliced ​​greens

    Leafy greens are cut very simply: you should tightly twist the bundle of leaves and chop the resulting roll!

If you want to see the real mastery of the chef with your own eyes - watch this video!

At me such masters cause respect, admiration and desire to improve not only in preparation of dishes, but also in simple cutting of vegetables and fruit. Share this class with friends Using a knife And wish them a pleasant appetite!