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Lessons from Buddhist Teachers

Every person has a purpose in life. One of the important tasks for us is to gain knowledge and experience, which then should be shared with others. The vast accumulation of wisdom is concentrated in the Buddhist teachings, Which pave the way for a world of peace, harmony and prosperity.

All of them preach sincere compassion and love for all living beings. Buddhism is one of the world religions, and it, like any other, has its own wisdom, slowness and Profound philosophy. We often complicate our lives ourselves, but the truth is in simplicity.

Live simply and take these Councils of Buddhist teachers!!

Wisdom of Buddhists

  1. A lesson from Buddhist teachers

    "Learn to give, even if you have little."

    "If you light a lamp for someone, it will light your way."

    "In detachment lies the greatest torment in the world, in compassion lies the true strength."

    "Thousands of lights can be lit from one candle, and this will not shorten its life cycle. So happiness will never diminish if it is shared with others. "

  2. A lesson from Buddhist teachers

    "No single precious stone in the world can match the true feeling Awakening".

    "The pain comes unconditionally, we choose the suffering ourselves."

    "The root of all suffering is lust."

    "All material things are short-lived, who understand this wisdom, suffer less."

  3. A lesson from Buddhist teachers

    "No one will save us, except ourselves. You must go that way yourself. "

    "There are only two mistakes that we can make on the road to the truth: stop halfway and do not start the journey."

    "It is better to defeat yourself than to win thousands of battles. It will be your own victory. No one can take it for himself. "

  4. A lesson from Buddhist teachers

    "Imagine that every person in the world is a sage. Each of them can teach you something and help you. "

    "Just as the mountains are indifferent to the winds, so the sage is indifferent to praise or blame."

  5. A lesson from Buddhist teachers

    "To conquer oneself is more difficult than anyone."

    "Wear your ego as loose clothes."

    "A mind that is resistant to the whims of fate, free from filth and fear, is a great treasure."

    "There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way. "

  6. A lesson from Buddhist teachers

    "Radiate boundless love for the whole world, in all directions, in all directions, without evil and without enmity."

    "Such is the nature of things: only a person free from remorse is capable of sincerely rejoicing."

    "If the problem can be solved, why bother? If the problem can not be solved, the excitement will not do you any good. "

  7. A lesson from Buddhist teachers

    "If you can see the miracle of life in the smallest details, your whole life will change."

    "The past has already gone, the future has not yet come. There is only the present moment to live. "

    "Every morning we are born again. What we are doing today is the most important thing. "

  8. A lesson from Buddhist teachers

    "The purity of thoughts depends only on you. No one can purify the thoughts of another. "

  9. A lesson from Buddhist teachers

    "Each person creates his own health or disease."

  10. A lesson from Buddhist teachers

    "The world suffers from death and extinction. But the sage does not mourn, for he has realized the nature of the world. "

    "You can only lose what you cling to".

Rereading and pondering these truths every day, you can expand consciousness, find your way and Gain wisdom.

Knowing yourself, do not forget to share these teachings with your friends.