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8 secret codes for mobile

Many of us love fascinating and colorful films about secret agents, spies, unfulfillable missions and super-espionage. It seems that incredible equipment and numerous spy things Is the fruit of the imagination of filmmakers, which has nothing to do with real life. However, this is not quite true!

Today we offer to your attention 8 secret combinations for mobile phones, Which you will not tell any operator. Do they seem to be listening to us?

Secret commands for mobile phones

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  1. Code * # 06 #
    With this combination you can find out the unique imei number of any smartphone.
  2. Code * # 21 #
    This combination allows you to get information about the included redirect. Find out if someone is getting your calls, messages or other data.
  3. Code * # 62 #
    This command allows you to find out the number to which incoming calls are diverted, if the iphone is turned off or is out of range of the network.
  4. Code ## 002 #
    With this set, you can turn off call forwarding. Now you can only make calls.
  5. Code * # 30 #
    Provides information about the identification of the incoming subscriber.
  6. Code * # 33 #
    This combination shows information about the blocking of outgoing supported services, for example, calls, sms and other data.

  7. Code * # 43 #
    This set helps to display information about call waiting.
  8. Code * 777 # (for ukraine)
    Displays the current balance, as well as the information operator menu, depending on the cellular operator that is used.
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Do you know the secret commands for a mobile phone? Share them in the comments and do not forget to tell about these tricks to your friends. Perhaps it will be a discovery for them!