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Qigong massage

In the east believe that old age begins not only with wrinkles on the face. Pain in the legs and swelling are also signs of the process Aging of the body. Especially at risk people who lead an inactive way of life and work only sitting. To save your legs will help a set of exercises Qigong.

According to this art of use Chi energy, Leg health depends on the condition of the kidneys. Therefore, some of the proposed exercises are primarily related to improving the performance of the main blood filter.

I offer to believe in ancient Chinese wisdom "Guard the tree with the root, and the person with the feet"And perform basic qigong exercises to strengthen the whole body as a whole.


Taoist breathing

Sit on the floor or on a chair. Put your palms on top of each other (for women, the left palm is at the bottom, for men - right). Put your palms to the bottom of your stomach. Quietly breathe in and exhale three to five times.

Doing this exercise, you should feelHeat in the lower abdomen. If you feel cold or even heaviness, then you have a disruption in the work of the energy center. Most importantly - do not rush, but continue to do. Soon the discomfort will pass. Remember that one of the secrets of longevity is the preservation of heat in the lower abdomen.

Lumbar massage

Now in circular movements, massage yourself.The waist, as well as the kidney and coccyx. You can still grind your lower back with your knuckled fingers. Move up and down, left and right five to nine times.

Massage is good for strengthening the kidneys, large intestines, coccyx, lumbar spine. As a result - the qi energy will quickly spread over the lower part of the trunk.

Foot massage qigong


  1. Put your right foot on the toe and start massaging the center of the foot. It is here that the most important energy point, connected with the kidneys, is located. The ancient sages called it the "beating spring".
  2. Put your foot on your heel and massage your foot and fingers again. After completing the massage of the right foot, repeat each movement on the left.
  3. Borrow a comfortable pose on the chair and tap lightlyStops on the floor in turn or at the same time in the following order: with fingers, heels, all foot. Repeat seven times each movement. Soon you will feel how to warm your feet.
  4. Stand up straight, lower your arms, and put your feet onWidth of shoulders. Put your hands on your knees and start slowly turning the last ones with a wide amplitude: inside, out, in the sides. This exercise helps to strengthen the legs, joints and kidneys.
  5. In standing position, put your hands on the lower back. In a couple of seconds you will surely feel the warmth in the kidney area.
  6. Inhaling, stand on tiptoe and stretch, raising your hands up. On exhalation, drop to the feet and stretch your fingers to the ground. You can sit down a little. Repeat the exercise three to eight times.


Remember that the qi energy is associated with heat, so do not let your feet freeze and warm up Kidney area Light massaging movements of the palms.

It is worth adding that now is the time to strengthenimmunity. These oriental tips will help you prevent kidney disease, legs and, as a consequence, the whole body. Share qigong exercise with friends, and do not be ill!