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How to communicate with Libra

Many of us probably thought thatScales - the only inanimate sign of the zodiac. The ancient Greeks observed in this constellation the claw of the scorpion, which is near. But the name of the cluster of stars was given by Roman astronomers.

Modern scientists claim that this name is associated with the day The autumn equinox. But because of mistakes in the chronology of this dayMoved to another constellation. On the other hand, the constellation of weights is actually a little like the scales that the virgin is holding in his hand. Therefore this sign of the zodiac is often depicted as a woman with weights in her hands.

she happens to be Goddess of justice And weighs on the scales the actions of people. On some maps of the starry sky, this constellation is depicted without a human being.


People born under the sign of weights, veryFaithful, fair and friendly. They are perfectionists and love to have everything in its place. Also many people-scales are artistic and charming, but at times they are modest.

How to find common ground with weights

  1. Do not try to circle these people around your finger. They by nature have developed intuition and see through you.
  2. These people are very fond of harmony and in all ways dream of achieving it. Be with the scales tactful and treat them with respect.
  3. at The art of sex Weights have no equal. But to win such a person, you need to try very hard.
  4. Scales are able to listen and help to solve others'Problems. But here you need to understand that they listen and perceive information with both the mind and the heart. So talking with them should be not only logical, but also emotional. Most often they are wonderful interlocutors and can talk on various topics.

As with other signs, the scales have drawbacks. For example, it is sometimes difficult for them to make a choice, they can not calmly take criticism. But in general scales are wonderful people, and you are very lucky if you have a friend who was born under this sign. These people are excellent comrades who will always help out in trouble.

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