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15 ways to use mint in everyday life

peppermint - perennial fragrant herbaceous plant. It contains a huge amount of essential oils, tannic, bitter and biologically active substances, and also there are phytoncides, vitamins c and p, carotene, mineral salts.

This plant is widely used for medicinal, culinary and cosmetic purposes. so "so simple!" Collected for you 15 ways to apply peppermint in the home, which you are guaranteed to be useful.


15 ways to use mint in everyday life

  1. To refresh the carpet
    Mix the dried peppermint and baking soda and sprinkle the carpet with this mixture. Leave for one hour, then vacuum.
  2. To refresh the air
    Mix a little mint with petals of different colors and place the mixture in jars around the room.
  3. Soothing foot scrub
    To relax after a hard day's work, mix finely chopped mint leaves with sea salt and olive oil and sodium this mixture of feet.
  4. Mint in cosmetics
    To give the cosmetics an amazing aroma and relaxing properties, add a little mint essential oil to purchased shampoos and shower gels.
  5. Mint ice
    The next time you freeze ice, add mint leaves to the water. These cubes you can throw into the water, lemonade or tea, thus giving the drink a freshness.
  6. Refreshing toner for face
    Pour into a large bowl of water and add finelyCut mint, then put the container for an hour in the fridge and then immerse the face in the water. You yourself can not imagine how this tonic invigorates.
  7. Abdominal cramping
    Mint helps relax the muscles of the digestive tract and relieve spasms. For this purpose it is enough to drink tea with mint or simply warm water with mint and lemon.
  8. Prevention of infectious diseases
    Antibacterial properties of mint will help you to easily transfer or even prevent various infectious and fungal diseases. So it should be included in your diet.
  9. Against mice
    Put a mint on the dacha or in the courtyard of your private house, so that mice and rats will bypass your dwelling place.
  10. Relief of headache
    The headache is often associated with vasospasms. So warm tea with mint will help in the same way as with abdominal pain.
  11. Against nasal congestion
    If you have a stuffy nose and can hardly breathe, pour mint with hot water and inhale. The effect will be the same as that of drops from the common cold, but the method is natural and cheaper.
  12. Stress relief
    Mint tea perfectly helps to cope with stress.
  13. Prevention of cancer
    You will be surprised, but mint can influence the formation of cancer cells. There is an opinion that it significantly slows down their development, especially for skin, lung and colon cancer.
  14. Dressing for salad
    To give an ordinary vegetable salad an unusual taste, add a few leaves of mint to it.
  15. To freshen your breath
    Mix mint oil with baking soda and peroxideHydrogen to make a homemade toothpaste that will whiten your teeth and refresh your breath. But do not abuse this mixture, as in large quantities it can damage the enamel.

Save yourself in the bookmarks these ways of applying mint in everyday life and be sure to tell them about it to your friends!