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How to store sliced ​​avocado

Many of us do not know how to correctly Store products, As a result of which they quickly deteriorate. This approach can hardly be called economical, because it turns out that we pay for the products the full cost, but we use only half, while the second disappears.

If for cooking some food to youOnly half of the fruit is needed, then quickly eat the remaining half or try to keep it as fresh as possible so that it is not cut off or discarded.

We offer to your attention an interesting experiment that shows how best to store the cut avocado.

The avocado was cut in half. In the experiment, only the part in which the pristine bone remains is involved.


How to store avocado

  1. Method 1. A bag with a fastener is taken and air is blown out of it. It turns out something like a vacuum package, which is placed in the refrigerator.
  2. Avocado in the refrigerator

  3. Method 2. Here you already need to have olive oil and a plastic container handy. A guy spreads half an avocado oil, and then puts it in a container, tightly covered with a lid.

    The container joins the "vacuum package" in the refrigerator.

  4. Avocado storage

  5. Method 3. Half avocado smeared with lemon juice, then again placed first in the container, and then - in the refrigerator.
  6. avocado

  7. Method 4. The guy cuts the bulb into several large pieces, puts them on the bottom of the food container and places the avocado half on top with a bone up. Of course, the container goes after the others.
  8. How to store avocado

  9. Method 5. Half of the avocado is simply dipped in cold water and also placed in the refrigerator.

    The control copy went after the other halves, but it was not packed and did not lubricate anything. Just put on the top shelf of the refrigerator.


    The result was very interesting: Worst of all is the half that was placed in the water. It became soft and watery. The best preserved avocado, which was in a container with onions. The remaining specimens were approximately the same.

  10. avocado

By the way, these methods can be used for storing Guacamole (Sauce on the basis of the mashed avocado pulp).


If you want to know the details of this experiment - watch the video! Even if your English is far from perfect, here you can see all the attempts to save the avocados, which are understandable even without words.

Now for certain it became known how betterKeep an appetizing kind of avocado. Perhaps in the same way you can extend the life of other products? Tell your friends about this interesting experiment, maybe they also did something similar! And how do you store halves of avocado? Tell me in the comments!