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10 harmful products

Everyone who decides Healthy food, Often makes the same mistake, leaving in his diet "healthy" meals or foods that can actually negate all efforts.

Newcomers sweep off the shelves products with the label "0 calories" or "degreased." And then wonder why Slimming process Not so fast or at all reversed. We present to your attention 10 products, which should be abandoned today.

The most harmful products

  1. Instant Breakfast
    Breakfasts from cereals often contain incredibleThe amount of carbohydrates and sugar. In large quantities these components are harmful to you, besides they are guaranteed to provoke sharp jumps of sugar in the blood with a subsequent sharp drop.

    Using such a delicacy, you will feel hunger only a few hours after breakfast. If you are a big supporter of cereals, try to switch to natural cereals.

    Of course, the time of preparation of such products is many times longer, but there will be more benefits for metabolism.

  2. breakfast

  3. granola
    It should be noted that baked muesli, whichPrepared from natural ingredients, very useful. However, recently there is a negative trend - unscrupulous manufacturers are trying to replace expensive components with cheaper ones.

    As a result, in granola, you can find oil and sugar dangerous for the waist and other parts of the body.

  4. muesli

  5. Salad dressings
    Vegetables are strength, especially if they are backed upPiece of meat. Fiber, enzymes, minerals - this is an incomplete list of various useful substances that you can find in them. But most do not like the soft and unsaturated taste of vegetables and prefers to use a variety of store refills for salads.

    Almost all of them contain syrups, soy or Palm oil, Which only delay the process of losing weight. If you are not a fan of the natural taste of salad, then it is better to prepare the refueling yourself.

  6. Sauces

  7. Fruit juices
    Every beautiful and active person shouldStart your morning with a glass of juice - this was thought several years ago. Now dieticians do not recommend too often to use natural juices. Such drinks are completely devoid of fiber, which would prevent the ingress of sugar into the blood.

    About the juice stores I generally will not mention, the percentage of sugar in them is the same as that of cola. You want to lose weight - drink herbal teas without sugar or eat fruit.

  8. Juices

  9. Agave nectar
    Now agave nectar can be seen in advertisingHealth food stores, where it is served as an ideal replacement for sugar. The process of creating such raw materials is fairly transparent - here really only natural products are used. But if you get acquainted with the chemical composition, you will see that there is a lot of fructose in the nectar.

    In ordinary sugar you will find 50% of this substance,But in the agave product, its concentration can reach 90%. A high level of fructose can cause damage to health and provoke obesity. You can not live without a sweetener - go to the grass stevia.

  10. nectar

  11. Diet drinks
    The standard error of all sweet tooth. Of course, by buying dietary soda, you will get far fewer calories, but the artificial sweetener included in the drink can stimulate the appetite.

    In the end, calories can still be deposited on your sides, just a few hours later.

  12. Cola

  13. Fat-free yogurt
    Not all yoghurts are equally useful - it was written on the grave of Vasiliy Ivanovich. If you are used to counting each calorie, I would not advise buying a low-fat version of this product.

    If producers take fat from yogurt, thenDisappears oily taste of goodies. So that it is preserved, a variety of sweeteners are added to the fat-free yogurt, which can badly affect your metabolism. When buying yogurt, choose a product with enough fat.

  14. yogurt

  15. Organic snacks
    Such snacks are supposedly very useful, and generally theirYou can eat as much as you like. In fact, if you spend a little time studying the composition of this bar, you will see sugar in it and others not quite useful for Of slender figure Products.

    Organic sugar is slightly more useful than usual, but it is not entirely harmless.

  16. Snacks

  17. Whole wheat bread
    This bread is advertised as an alternative to the standard products from wheat flour. In general, the information is quite close to the truth - in whole grain bread there is more fiber and vitamins of group b.

    But often such bread is made not from grains, but from whole-grain flour of fine grinding. It will also raise sugar in the blood, just like ordinary wheat flour.

  18. bread

  19. Trail mixes
    This mixture of dried fruits, grains and nuts you can buy at any grocery store. Such food will be ideal in a hike or during intense sports.

    But most ordinary people do not need such a high-calorie combination of products.

  20. Nuts

I'm not saying that everything is harmful and does not costThere are some products. Just if you exclude all the above-mentioned goodies from your diet or significantly reduce their number, then much sooner you will get the desired result.