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How to make a beautiful floor

Marble floors Have always been a sign of greatness and luxury. However, the development of technologies does not stand still, and today alternative materials have been replaced by marble, with which it is possible to make so-called self-leveling floors. They are associated not only with extravagance, but also with a good taste of its owner.

We invite you to see how skilled craftsmen decided Decorate the floor In the kitchen-studio, than briefly shocked even the landlady of the house. I confess, I did not expect to see the grinder (grinder) in the heat of work!

How to make a floor with your own hands

  1. First the guys filled the floor with oil paint.
  2. Beautiful sex

  3. Then sprayed the surface with a special compound.
  4. Beautiful sex

  5. By making Sketch drawing, The guy "brought" it with the help of a Bulgarian.
  6. Beautiful sex

  7. Further each part of the picture was assigned its own color.
  8. Beautiful sex

  9. Wizards neatly work with a brush, so as not to go beyond the edge.
  10. Beautiful sex

  11. A very harmonious combination of warm colors.
  12. Beautiful sex

  13. An amazing sun. But that's not all!
  14. Beautiful sex

  15. At first I thought that they wanted to spoil it, and then realized that it was just putty!
  16. Beautiful sex

  17. Thoroughly polish the surface.
  18. Beautiful sex

  19. Rub the floor with a special composition to shine ...
  20. Beautiful sex

  21. Ready!
  22. Beautiful sex

If you want to know all the details of the process - see this video!

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