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Carpet in the interior

There are some Decor elements, Which make the interior home and atmospheric. In the first place it is carpets. Someone thinks that they are no longer in fashion and are a relic of the past. But modern designers argue that there is no better thing to create a cozy atmosphere than a carpet.

Also, with the help of these soft coatings, it is possible to visually correct some deficiencies in the room. We picked for you 5 great tricks for the proper use of carpets.

How to decorate an interior with a carpet

  1. brightness
    A bright carpet in a stylish interior is alwaysIs actual. Most often they are decorated with small rooms that have some drawbacks. A bright color mat will undoubtedly attract attention, and will also create the right mood.
    Carpet for interior decoration

    If you like to invite guests to merry gatherings, choose carpets of yellow or green. They will create a cheerful atmosphere. To create a peaceful mood you need a blue carpet. Eastern interior Suggests the selection of carpets of violet, brown, golden hues. But blue and turquoise perfectly fit into the marine style.

    Carpet for interior decoration

    If your floor has a light tint, then it's better to choose a dark carpet, and vice versa.

  2. Carpet for interior decoration

  3. harmony
    So that the carpet harmoniously looked in the apartment, you need to pay attention to other details of the interior. In the tone of the carpet, select, for example, the upholstery of the sofa, coffee table, pouf.
  4. Carpet for interior decoration

    Carpet for interior decoration

  5. the form
    If you Classic interior, Then choose a round carpet to soften the lines. Pay attention to the fact that in this case there must be other round elements in the room. For example, a mirror, pouf, table and so on.
    Carpet for interior decoration

    If you want to make the interior more strict, choose a square or rectangular carpet.

  6. Carpet for interior decoration

  7. Solution for small rooms
    In small rooms steley small paths. In the bedroom the path can be placed near the bed, and in the living room - before the sofa.
  8. Carpet for interior decoration

  9. Geometrical patterns
    Rhombuses and zigzags make the space dynamic, the strips visually increase the size of the room, and contrasting combinations attract attention.
  10. Carpet for interior decoration

    Carpet for interior decoration

    Carpet for interior decoration

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