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20 Word features

Microsoft office, and in particular word, has become an integral part of our lives. This program faithfully serves students and office workers.

But, unfortunately, not everyone owns all the possibilities of this wonderful program, and in order for you to understand it a little better, "so simple!" Made a selection of 20 hidden opportunities Microsoft word, Knowledge and possession of which will help you to work much faster and more efficiently.

Document of the Word

20 features word

  1. The combination of ctrl + enter instantly creates a new sheet. Now you do not need to press enter and wait for the cursor to move to the next sheet.
  2. The shift + alt + d shortcut allows you to quickly insert the current date in the dd format. Mm. Years. If you need to insert the time, press shift + alt + t.
  3. If you need Select a large piece of text, In its beginning, set the cursor, press the shift key and click the mouse at the end of the text.
  4. To select several inconsistent fragments of the text, press the ctrl key and select the text fragments you need.
  5. If you need to duplicate your last command, press f4 and the word will repeat it. This can be text input, text deletion or any other command.
  6. To configure the top ribbon with the quick access buttons under you, go to the "file" menu - "options" - "configure the ribbon". Here you can delete and add various functions.
  7. If suddenly you are in trouble and youTyped the text with the active button caps lock, do not rush to delete the typed text. Just select the required fragment and press shift + f3 to change the case from uppercase to lowercase.
  8. If you need the cursor to move faster, press the ctrl key together with the arrow.
  9. Few people know that the word has an extended clipboard. To see everything that you have been copying lately, on the "home" tab in the "clipboard" group, click the button for the "buffer" dialog box.
  10. If you need to insert into the text Screenshot, Click on the "snapshot" button, and word will show all active windows. Select the required one and you will get a snapshot of this window.
  11. Word wraps make the text more readable. So that the computer has placed them yourself, you need to go to the "page layout" menu and click the "hyphenation" button.
  12. If there is a need to arrange stresses,Put the cursor after the letter you want to put the stress on, and press alt, and then type 769, but click only on the numbers that are on the keyboard on the right, and not on the top.
  13. To select the vertical part of the text, press alt and use the mouse cursor.
  14. Several combinations for fast navigation on the document:
    Ctrl + alt + page down - next page;
    Ctrl + alt + page up - previous page;
    Ctrl + home - move up in the document;
    Ctrl + end - move down the page.
  15. In the "File" - "Options" - "Save" menu, you can change the location of saving files, configure the default document format, auto-save, etc.
  16. The key combination ctrl + spacebar returns the text to the original formatting.
  17. Microsoft word can be used as a task manager. For this you need to right-click on the ribbon of functions from the top and select "ribbon setting".

    In the right column, include the only one that is disabledThe developer tab. Go to the appeared tab and find the "checkbox" element, which is ticked. Now, by clicking on the checkbox, you can create task lists and mark them as done.

  18. To open the word, you just need to press the windows + r key combination, type winword at the command prompt and press enter.
  19. So that Protect your documents, You can put a watermark on them. To do this, go to the "Design" menu and select the "Substrate" item.
  20. You can also protect the document with a password. For this you need to go to the "file" tab and select the "document protection" option.

Keep these secrets in your bookmarks, and even better - learn them by heart. And tell your friends about them, because they probably work in microsoft word.