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Verse of healing herbs

For many centuries, mankind has been using plants and herbs in cooking and for treating various diseases. Most of us are trying now Turn to folk medicine In the early stages of disease, since in manyCases, its methods are more sparing and safe. This is because man and plants are part of nature. Most often the treatment with herbs is not costly and very effective!

Read this poem, which contains useful Advice on the use of herbs.

Verse on medicinal herbs

Medicinal herbs

Heals mint neuralgia,
And beets - hypertension,
Strawberries drive salt,
And sage - toothache,
Watermelon eat with jade,
And cranberries - with arthritis.
To have more strength,
Do not forget about elecampane.
Cranberry will cure cystitis,
Radish - cough and bronchitis,
A headache is a viburnum,
And cold - tea with raspberries.
Liver rumps rowan,
Heart - mint and Kalina.
So as not to know diabetes,
Jerusalem artichoke all the summer long.
Asthma cure hyssop,
The bladder is dill.
Wounds, ulcers, hemorrhoids
Psyllium wash.
If you have swelling -
Horsetail and flax seed.
Corn oil celandine,
And freckles - grated horseradish.
St. John's wort, do not forget,
Tea with it more often consume,
Drink rose hips.
You will be cheerful, young!

Only be careful! It should be understood that not with any disease and not in all cases can you take medicinal herbs. In some situations, other methods of treatment are needed.

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