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13 ways to apply clerical clamp

Clerical clamp - a very necessary thing. Initially its goal - to order the papers, but resourceful people here also made their own adjustments, and found to him very original ways of application.

If you are at home lying around Clerical clamp And you still do not know what it's for -Read our article! We offer to your attention 10 ways to use a clerical clamp, which will surely be a pleasant discovery for you. And to what only people do not think!

13 ways to apply clerical clamp

  1. Clip for toothpaste

    Do you want to use the paste from the tube without a trace? Use a clerical clasp!

  2. Toothbrush holder

    If you go on a business trip, take the clamp with you. With its help you will be able to avoid the contact of the toothbrush with the far from always sterile surfaces of the hotel restroom.

  3. Razor fuse

    Put the head of the razor in the clerical clamp - and the sharp blade can not scratch or cut something. Excellent advice for those who are going on the road.

  4. Organizer for cords and charge

    If you are irritated by cords from chargers and connecting cables - reel each wire in a ring and secure it with a clerical clamp.

  5. purse

    With the clamp, you can organize paper bills and plastic cards.

  6. Keychain

    To not search for keys on all bag or on all pockets - use a clerical clip.

  7. Trouser clip
    Trouser clip

    If you have a bike ride, the clamp will help to protect trousers from the bicycle chain.

  8. Drier for sponges
    Drier for sponges

    Such a stand-clamp will give the sponge the ability to dry much faster, and prevent the appearance of fungus and mold on the surface.

  9. Organizer and clip for wires

    Do you want to forget about the eternally slipping and lying under the table wires as a terrible dream? Attach a few clips to the edge of the table, and pass through them often used cables!

  10. Rag clip

    Great tip for quick cleaning!

  11. Pencil holder
    Pencil holder

    Fix a pencil, and it definitely will not fall under the table!

  12. tab for books

    No more need to remember which page you're on!

  13. Fastening a smartphone or navigator to the dashboard of a car

    An excellent bonus of this simple way - cooling your device.

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