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How to use a toothbrush for beauty

A daily two-time tooth brushing is a prerequisite for all people who want to have healthy teeth and gums. But few know that Toothbrush Can be used for other purposes. Editorial board advises to apply this thing with benefit for appearance. Take these 10 beauty tricks that are most useful to you.

  1. Lip care
    After brushing your teeth you need to take care of your lips. Well massage them with a brush. With the help of such a massage, you will make the color of your lips brighter and remove the keratinized skin particles. If desired, you can prepare a scrub. Mix 1 tsp. Olive oil and a pinch of sugar. Brush the mixture on the brush and massage your lips a little. After all, apply hygienic lipstick.
  2. Lip care

  3. Creating a hairstyle
    So that the hairs do not get out of the hairstyle, apply a varnish or hair gel on the toothbrush. Smooth her hair.
  4. A toothbrush on the hair

  5. Look after the eyebrows
    Lately women preferWide, natural and well-groomed eyebrows. If you do not have a special brush near your hand, the toothbrush will perfectly comb the eyebrows. It can also be applied with a special eyebrow gel.
  6. Toothbrush for eyebrows

  7. For cuticle
    Advice for softening the cuticle: make a bath for the hands, and then rub the cuticle with a brush. Apply a special balm or oil on your nails.
  8. Toothbrush on cuticle

  9. Do baits
    To give the hair volume, use a toothbrush. It will create an amazing fleece.
  10. Brush with a toothbrush

  11. Stylish manicure
    Nakras fingernails varnish and immediately go brush on them, tapping movements. This will give an interesting relief. If you apply several varnishes, it will be even nicer.
  12. Manicure with a toothbrush

  13. Clean the comb
    With the help of this useful device and soap, you can clean the combs and combs well.
  14. Peeling

  15. Comb your eyelashes
    The bristles of the toothbrush are much thinner than the teeth of even the smallest comb. So many beauty bloggers share eyelashes with it.
  16. Combing eyelashes

  17. Dye your hair
    If you need to tint the roots or make thin colored strands, arm yourself with a toothbrush.
  18. Hair coloring

Some tricks can be viewed in the video.

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