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10 mistakes in sex

No matter how much we want to argue with this, the intimate side of the relationship is very important. It often happens that, thanks to the warmth in a relationship, couples feel a mutual harmony, respect, trust and love.

Today the media are ready to provide information on any, even the most "acute" Intimate issues. However, the sexual revolution has passed, and there has been a misunderstanding between the partners. We suggest you get acquainted with these 10 items, which for sure will open for you something new!

10 common mistakes in sex

  1. Do not open the condom with your teeth!

    When you open your mouth with the packaging of the contraceptive, you risk compromising its integrity. This can lead not only to an unwanted pregnancy, but also cause a sexually transmitted disease.

  2. Before using the grease, carefully read the composition

    Lubricant or oil based oil (for example,Massage lotions or mineral oil) can cause damage to the condom, and this increases the risk of rupture. Better choose lubricants on a latex or water basis.

  3. Do not refuse to use grease from the inside

    If you and your partner are used to greaseA condom on the outside, try using some amount of lubricant from the inside. This will not only prevent wear of the product, but also give new pleasant sensations.

  4. Do not use two condoms at once

    Many mistakenly believe that a double condomProtects more reliably. However, the situation is exactly the opposite. A double condom weakens protection, as increased friction increases the wear of the product.

  5. Do not completely rely on birth control pills
    birth control pills

    The contraceptive pills are effective only by 91-99%, and if the girl takes them irregularly, the indices are much lower. Are you looking for the perfect defense? Pills + condom!

  6. Do not neglect the diet that increases the potency
    Products to increase libido

    It has long been proven that food has a hugeInfluence on both female and male libido. Such products as walnuts, figs, ginger, broccoli, seafood and blackberries, not only increase the pleasure obtained, but also increase sexual endurance. Sex was not so bright? It's time to reconsider your diet!

  7. Do not give up sex after training

    Many mistakenly believe that training exhausts and takes away strength. On the contrary, they increase the flow of blood to the genitals, and this is ideal for good sex.

  8. Do not rely on luck

    You can forget to take pills, a condom can break, but if you and your partner are not ready to have a baby, it is better to always have a spare plan.

  9. Do not give up the prelude
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    It is established that foreplay increases the level ofDopamine (a hormone of joy and pleasure), relieve anxiety, contribute to the development of natural lubrication and, importantly, enhance the experience of both parties. Even if it's your millionth time with the same partner - do not ignore the prelude. The sensations received will pleasantly surprise both of you.

  10. Do not give up on intimate life
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    It is proved that regular sex life helps to improve the sleep cycle, reduce blood pressure, burn calories, relieve stress, overcome depression and even increase life expectancy.

Tell your friends about these common Mistakes in sex, So as not to repeat them again!