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Leaves of cabbage

An indispensable ingredient in many dishes, white cabbage is also a valuable medicine. Our grandmothers knew about Curative properties of cabbage leaves And successfully used them.

"so simple!" Offers to recall the experience of ancestors and use the entire therapeutic potential of this product.

Treatment with cabbage leaves

Cabbage leaves

Before using cabbage leaf for medicinal purposes, it must be scalded with boiling water and wipe dry. If there is a possibility of an allergic reaction, it is better to abstain from such treatment.

  1. Injuries and bruises
    To the bruised place, attach a fresh cabbage leafAnd fix it with a bandage, leave it all night. By the morning the swelling will decrease and the pain will abate. If the swelling did not come down during the night, and the injured place began to ache even more, it is better to go to the trauma center to exclude the possibility of serious damage.
  2. Insect bites
    The cabbage leaves make it easier for patients with painful bites of wasps, bees, gadflies. Acting like a magnet, they draw the heat and pain from the place swollen from the bite.
  3. headache
    To relieve the headache and fever the cabbage leaves are also able to. Attach to the temples on the sheet and wrap your head with a towel. This remedy helps even with migraines!
  4. chest pain
    During lactation and breastfeeding womenOften experience painful swelling and a feeling of bursting. Folk medicine comes to the aid of a nursing mother. For the therapeutic compress should use large leaves, previously washed them, cutting veins and kneading.

    Also this method can be used when Mastopathy And pain in the chest, accompanying premenstrual syndrome.

Cabbage leaves - a real first aid in the house. Remember this and certainly share this information with loved ones!