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Rejuvenating Massage

All women dream of staying young longerAnd beautiful. For this they visit beauty salons, buy expensive masks, use folk remedies. But one of the main methods that helps ladies to prolong youth is massage.

Famous cosmetologist Joël Siocco has developedSimple massage for their clients. The visitors of her salon are famous ladies, among whom are the Monica Bellucci and the Litvinova Rhenat. This procedure is suitable for absolutely everyone. Its advantages: the skin becomes more elastic, elastic and radiant. This massage is also used to increase the effectiveness of anti-aging masks and creams. They must be applied after the procedure.

Monica Bellucci

Clean the skin of hands and face. Now you can start. Each kind of massage was given for one minute.

Rejuvenating massage

  1. Improve lymph flow
    To improve the complexion and swelling. Lightly press the index, middle and ring fingers of both hands onto the skin. Start from the forehead and end in the decollete. Stimulate the outflow of lymph, which removes toxins.
  2. Make the skin more elastic
    A little pinch the skin with the thumb and index finger. You do not need to pull it hard. This method makes the skin more elastic. Walk well on the skin of the neck.
  3. Improve blood circulation
    Gently pat yourself on the face. Do the procedure with your fingers. You need to make the skin a little pink. With this method you will improve blood circulation and improve skin tone.

The French cosmetologist is sure that you need to grow old beautifully. So do not go to plastic surgeons and do braces. It's best to just take care of yourself and smile more often.

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