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Means for fogging windows

Temperature differences, rain and snow can becomeThe causes of fogging the windows of the machine. All drivers are familiar with this problem. Especially this situation is annoying when in the morning you are late for work.

So the editors "so simple!" Has prepared for you simple advice that will help keep the windows transparent. Solve this difficulty can be very simple!

Antifogging agent

You will need

  • couple of socks
  • Silica gel filler for cat litter

  1. In order to make it easier to fill the sock, stretch its elastic band onto a roll of scotch. Socks should be without holes.
  2. sock

  3. Put in sock Silica gel filler.
  4. Antifogging agent

  5. Tie it well on top of the knot.
  6. Anti-fogging agent

  7. Stretch one more sock on top.
  8. sock

  9. Then you can put the sock directly on the dashboard or under the seat.
  10. car

  11. The filler for the cat's toilet will remove excess moisture from the car's interior.

More details can be viewed in the video:

Remove excess moisture from the cabin with the help of a filler for the cat's toilet. This trick is already done by millions of drivers around the world. It's your turn!

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