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10 products for a night snack

Most women are trying hard Watch your weight, And each promises to start running from next Monday. It's true, you can only run to the fridge and then at night ...

If you are one of those people who can not To keep from a night snack, Especially while watching movies or TV shows, "so simple!" Made for you a selection of 10 products that you can safely "hamster" after 18:00 without fear of gaining extra pounds. So, mote on the ass!

Products for a night snack

  1. water
    Sometimes the feeling of hunger can be confused with ordinary thirst, so do not rush to chew everything that comes into your eyes, try to drink a glass of water.

    So you can Fool, Even if it was an easy feeling of hunger. The main thing after this - in time to fall asleep, so that the stomach does not have time to understand that it was taken around the finger.

    The girl drinks water

  2. Glass of green tea with honey and lemon
    This drink will help you satisfy a slight feeling of hunger no worse than a normal snack. Moreover, this tea is remarkably calming and will help you to fall asleep more quickly.
    Green tea in a mug

  3. kefir
    Low-fat kefir is ideal for a night snack. After it in the stomach is guaranteed there will be no weight, and this in no way will affect your waistline.

  4. vegetables
    Vegetables are not only Low-calorie snack option, But also very useful. Eat cucumbers, tomatoes, Bulgarian peppers or celery as much as you can!

  5. Pistachios
    These nuts are a hearty snack, which perfectly satisfies the feeling of hunger. In addition, pistachios are the most low-calorie nuts.

  6. Whole grain crackers
    They contain very few calories. Choose crackers from wheat, rye, oats. They are all equally useful.
    Whole grain crackers

  7. dried fruits
    This is a salvation for all who can not resist a night snack. Dried fruits are low-calorie and in them there is a mass of useful substances.
    dried fruits

  8. Natural yoghurt with berries
    After this product, you no longer want to eat.
    Natural yoghurt

  9. skim cheese
    This product does not aggravate the stomach, but gives Feeling full.
    Fat-free yogurt

  10. white meat
    If you want to not eat at night and eat well, white meat will be an excellent option. But it is better not to salt it! Such a snack is very nutritious, but absolutely harmless to the figure and waist.
    white meat

Be sure to use these tips if you are hiking to the refrigerator at night, so that your conscience does not torment you in the morning. And share this collection with your friends!