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How to remake a room

If the room is only a table and chair, this is no reason to lose heart! Here's a vivid proof: the guy was able to transform Tiny room beyond recognition. Thanks to his ingenuity, he combined the office and bedroom in a small room.

For this you do not need to be a builder, it is notWill take a lot of money and time. The main thing is a burning desire to make your house comfortable! An extra bed can be used for guests: there are no empty spare rooms. Dream-idea, what to say ...

Who would have thought that such a huge bed could easily be placed in such a small room ...

Beginning of work. The guy decided to build an additional level for the bed - now it will be right under the workplace. This is witty!

Small brackets fixed on the wall - the starting point of the whole construction.

Support beams for a cunning design.

It is very important that everything is strong. The guy admitted that he spent a lot of time checking the fasteners.

The frame is almost ready!

This wooden base will serve as support for the bed sliding out on the wheels.

External wood paneling of the frame.

Steps will lead to the workplace.

One of the most difficult stages of work is to make a warm and reliable floor.

Laminate the guy also stelil himself! Really golden hands.

Wooden panels do not have to be painted, you can simply cover with varnish. But so they look no less gorgeous!

Now the room does not recognize. This idea made me seriously think about mini-repairs ...

Adorable! Turned out Two-story room With optimally organized space.

The bed is very conveniently extended on the wheels. So compactly arranged berth I have not yet met ...

A great example of affordable, but very elegant Design!! Now the apartment is twice as largeFunctionally used place. Take note of this brilliant idea and tell your friends about it. A small room can be turned into a real miracle of design thought in two counts. I want to return to such a house ...