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How to Remove Lime Plaque

Calcareous deposit Is calcium carbonate. It remains on the surface when water evaporates from it. Over time, mineral deposits accumulate, forming white crystals. Such a touch on the faucet, faucet and shower nozzle looks unaesthetic and irritates the housewives, since it is difficult to cope with.

But with the help of this ingenious trick to clearPlumbing in the bathroom and other surfaces, you will not be difficult. All that you need is in your house. And all this without expensive household chemicals!

Remove lime scale

You will be surprised, but these awful Calcareous deposits Can be easily cleaned.

Crane with lime coating

Just take any cotton cloth. You can use an old T-shirt. Pour white vinegar into the bowl. If desired, dilute it with water. Leave the cloth in a bowl for a few minutes.

Rag in a bowl

Put a rag, not squeezing it, on the soiled places for half an hour.


Then with a bast cleanser, wipe the place where the rag, dampened in vinegar, lay.

Dirty crane

If necessary, the procedure can be repeated.


At the end of such cleaning, the faucet and faucet will shine like new ones. A stunning effect without any chemicals!

Clean water tap

More details can be viewed in the video:

Delete Calcareous deposit Without problems and unnecessary costs. This idea is worth its weight in gold. So you definitely should share it with your friends!