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How to Stylishly Tie a Strap

Belt is beautiful Wardrobe, Which not only complements your image, but also Emphasizes the dignity of the figure, Hiding its small flaws. It only seems unnecessary at first sight. On the business, this not so noticeable detail will help you look really original and exquisite. Just need to learn a few simple girdle application tricks. Do not worry, now "so simple!" Will tell you how to stylishly tie this fashion accessory.

As you can see, a lot of original knots can be tied up from a thin long strap.

Leather belt

The belt is made of dense materials. Due to this, each of its weaving in knots is seen well.

Black leather belt

The accessory is great for dresses, blouses, tunics and sweaters.

Red leather belt

The main thing is to combine all the details in color ...

Yellow leather belt

... and the kind of node is already behind you!

Yellow leather belt

Here, for example, the idea for a gentle image.

Pink belt with keychain

If the free end of the belt is very long, point it vertically, simply tying it into the knot according to the indicated scheme. This belt helps to correct the image, giving it a vertical dynamic.

Red leather belt

Or how do you like this option?


That's not all…

Brown leather belt

How easy with such tips!

Golden belt

Having already learned about the original nodes, you can only choose a belt by color. A couple of small manipulations with Leather accessory - and you will notice how your image has freshened up! Your girlfriends do not know these tips yet? So share with them.