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20 tips for repair

Dwelling in the first place should not be stylish and beautiful, but as comfortable and convenient as possible. And often, doing Repair in the house We forget about it, going on about fashion trends. Today "so simple!" Has prepared for you 20 incredibly valuable tips that will help you make your home comfortable and at the same time keep the beauty.

20 tips for repair

  1. Convenient washing
    Often for the sake of space saving we refuseWashing with an additional wing for drying dishes or with a second bowl. But a large sink with these elements is extremely necessary in the kitchen, where food is prepared for a large number of people. If you have a large family, do not save space!
  2. Dish washer

  3. Table top height
    Standard height of the kitchen base is 85 cm. And often people, ordering furniture in the kitchen, forget to make a correction for their growth, and eventually they have to stoop or work at too high a table top. When ordering furniture in the kitchen, remember that the height of the tabletop for people of low height (150 cm) should be about 82 cm, and for those with a height of 160 to 180 cm - 88-91 cm.
  4. Woman at the counter

  5. Drawers
    Replace the shelves in your kitchen with drawers - this will not only save space, but it will also be much more convenient to look for the kitchen utensils you need.
  6. Drawers

  7. Click-clack system
    Now it has become fashionable to replace the usualFurniture laconic grooves, but the wet hands to open them is quite difficult. So you can install a click-clack system. With its help you can open the door with a simple tap or even with your elbow.
  8. Click-clack system

  9. An indelible mark
    Another trend in recent years is theSurface of household appliances or even all furniture from stainless steel, but they often remain traces. To avoid their appearance, you can buy a special polish or immediately order a technique or facades with a protective coating.
  10. kitchen

  11. Number of outlets
    Two or three outlets will never be enough. You can place sockets on each wall, or even better - place a separate outlet for all the devices that are planned to be placed in the room. So you hide all the cords and close the sockets.
  12. Sockets

  13. Protection for laminate
    Laminate is one of the most popularCoatings due to the convenience of assembly and attractive price. Buying a laminate, always pay attention to his class and try to choose the simplest, so that he has served you as long as possible. Also, do not forget about the labels of felt on the legs of furniture, so as not to scratch the coating.
  14. Laminate chair

  15. Ventilation in cabinets
    In the glazed cabinets often appearsExcessive humidity and mustiness. To avoid this, it is possible to make conventional holes in the side walls for ventilation. Now you can buy ready-made furniture with such holes.
  16. bookcase

  17. Practical curtains
    Curtains in the floor decorate the interior, but they give the hostess a lot of trouble. So that they are less dirty, buy a curtain fabric with a special impregnation, which will repel dirt and dust.
  18. Curtains

  19. The sun for an aquarium
    Never install an aquarium on the sunny side under direct exposure to rays, otherwise on the walls very quickly begin to appear algae. The aquarium needs only scattered sunlight.
  20. aquarium

  21. Stylish contrast
    Bright walls and dark floor - incredibly stylishCombination, but in such apartments it is difficult to maintain an ideal cleanliness, as dust is very visible on the black surfaces. Try using a napkin with antistatic effect for cleaning.
  22. Black and white interior

  23. Contrast wall in a bright room
    White color makes the space visually larger, but also cooler. To avoid "supercooling" of the interior in the winter, add contrast by painting one of the walls with the paint of a saturated color.
  24. Sofa and floor lamp

  25. Beautiful patterns instead of monotony
    Uniform coatings, of course, add to the style room, but they are completely impractical. Carpets or tiles with patterns will be an ideal choice, as caring for them is much easier.
  26. Table, sofa and carpets

  27. Sconces or floor lamp?
    If you forgot to warn the masters where you arePlan to install the sconce, and they did not lay the wire in the wall, do not despair and do not hurry to hang the sconces, because the hanging wires do not look very aesthetic. Think better about buying a floor lamp.
  28. Chairs, table and floor lamp

  29. Ingenious bathroom solution
    If you have a big family and all are late in the morningDue to the fact that they can not get into the bathroom in any way, install two washbasins there, if space allows you. Queues and quarrels will be much less.
  30. Chairs, table and floor lamp

  31. Place for a washing machine
    If you plan to repair the bathroom, be sure to think about where to move the washing machine for this time, and instruct the specialist to connect it to the water supply and sewerage.
  32. Two shells

  33. Stylish shower room
    To save money, you can not buy a full shower, but just take her place and lay out the floor with tiles. But do not forget that you need to do this at an angle of at least 5 °.
  34. Washer

  35. All on the shelves
    To save space, in the bathroom you can make shelf-protrusions. Plus to all they also look very stylish.
  36. Shower room

  37. No slippery floors
    So that the floors in the bathroom are not traumatic, choose a corrugated tile or put a slippery floor with a rug.
  38. bathroom

  39. Draw all
    Add color to your bathroom, using a bright glaze to visually expand the room.
  40. Colored tiles

If you are planning a repair in the near future, take advantage of these tips. You will be very surprised how they will help Transform your house!!