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Color combinations for men

In the last century Fashion for men They spoke and wrote about something secondary. For example, in glossy magazines you could meet: "men are not forgotten" or "a couple of words about the men's fashion." She was in the shadows for a long time. But in our time the situation has changed. Men's fashion now dictates its rules on a par with women's and offers a wide range of colors and different fabric textures.

We picked up Examples of stylish color combinations, Which should be used by men this fall. To be stylish is very simple. It is not necessary to buy expensive clothes, you just need to be able to correctly combine colors and things.

Fashionable color combinations for men's wardrobe

  1. Calm tones
  2. Man in coat and sweater

  3. Gray again in fashion
  4. Combination of brown and khaki
  5. Navy blue and white
  6. Various invoices
  7. Beige and bright blue
  8. Crimson and light gray
  9. Beige coat and gray suit
  10. Light shirt in combination with beige trousers
  11. Simple, but fashionable
  12. Do not ignore the dark green this season
  13. Dark jacket and light pants
  14. Gray, beige and blue
  15. Dark blue and brown
  16. Bright sweater

As he wrote a. The Czechs: "Everything must be perfect in a person: a person, and clothes, and a soul, and thoughts". We agree with the great writer and adviseImprove not only the spiritual world, but also follow other spheres of one's life. Take these useful tips for proper selection of colors in the wardrobe and choose your outfit for fashion.

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