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Tips for quick cleaning

To keep everything in Ideal cleanliness, You need to clean every day from morning till nightYes, wipe everything around. You can still be a little busy at night ... but you would like to spend your precious life only in harassing cleaning? Agree, it's not worth it.

"so simple!" Offers you 11 little tips thatWill help quickly and easily cope with some domestic problems. Forget about the tedious cleaning of the house! These cunning tips will help to restore order to one-two!

  1. Clean the grater for cheese in a very simple way. Enough inconvenience with a sponge - peel through a potato grater! It turns out, in this fruit there is oxalic acid, which is used to purify the metal.
  2. Potato grater

  3. If you need to tidy up Chopping board, Then use soda - a natural cleanserA remedy that our grandmothers used. Make a slurry of soda and rub it into the board until you completely remove the dirt. This method is especially suitable for plastic boards.
    Yellow sponge

  4. it's time Refresh smelling mattress? Sprinkle it with soda and leave for two hours. Back, just vacuum. Done!
  5. Vacuuming mattress

  6. If there was a trouble and the furniture remainedStains from a hot object, then this is also fixable. To remove them, take a few moist layers of tissue. Put the fabric on the stain, and then iron it with a hot iron for 15 seconds.
  7. An iron on the table

  8. So that Clean cast iron pan, Sprinkle it with kitchen salt and olive oil. Dirt and an unpleasant smell as if it were not!
  9. Cast-iron pan

  10. You can make your own tool for Remove sticky residue. Mix equally the coconut oil and soda and restore order.
  11. Spot cleaner

  12. Peel the blender It will be easy if you pour water and a little liquid soap into it. Turn on for a couple of seconds and rinse with water. Now everything is clean!
  13. Blender

  14. This advice is even more relevant to the issuesHygiene, but keep your toothbrush clean is also for aesthetic purposes. Make a solution of water and vinegar (2: 1) and perch into it the head of the toothbrush. After 30 minutes you can wash with warm water.
  15. Toothbrush in a glass of water

  16. So that Peel the coffee grinder Or a mill for spices and remove the smell, just grind them a little rice and skip 1 tablespoon of soda.
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  18. How fast can I clean toys? Just put them in a bag with small holes, which then put in a washing machine.
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  20. Do you want To remove an unpleasant smell In a bag, a refrigerator, a box, a jar from under any product? Put an unused tea bag in there.
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These simple tips will help you quickly cope with the unloved Cleaning. Better take your precious time for yourself, not for it! And do not forget to share your advice with your family and friends.