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How to use paper towels

Paper towels - a thing that can be found in any home. But many housewives are more likely to use towels made of cloth, so paper towels often lie on the shelf as a backup option.

"so simple!" Prepared for you a selection of the bestUse of towels made of paper. From now on you will be more respectful of this genius product, because it's time to learn how to get the most benefit from paper towels in everyday life!

How to use paper towels

  1. So that fresh greens do not wilt quickly, wrap it with a damp paper towel. And if you store greens in the refrigerator, put a dry paper towel in the container. It absorbs excess moisture and Will extend the shelf life Products.
    Storage of greenery


  2. Layer of fat On the surface of the broth spoils the appetite? A paper towel is what you need!

    Take a clean pan and put it in the sink. Place a strainer or colander in a saucepan. Spread a paper towel at the bottom of the colander. Strain the broth through a colander with a towel. The liquid will fall into a new pan, and the fat will remain on the towel.


  3. So that the bread after the refrigerator does not become wet, it is enough to wrap it in a paper towel before freezing.
    White bread
  4. To remove stains From wax pencils is easy, if you lay on a dirty surface a paper towel and iron it with an iron at a low temperature.
    Wax pencils
  5. So that the microwave remains clean afterAs you prepare the bacon, just wrap the pieces of bacon in a paper towel before cooking. Turn on the microwave for 1 minute each time until the bacon becomes crispy. 3-4 minutes - and you're done!
  6. If at hand there is no Filter for coffee, You can strain the fragrant drink through a piece of paper towel.
    Coffee filter
  7. to prepare Meat with a crispy crust, Wipe it before cooking with a paper towel.
    raw meat
  8. Often after repeated use on a bottle of oil, greasy stains remain. To prevent this, wrap the bottle with a paper towel and secure it with an elastic band.
    vegetable oil
  9. purchase Make-up remover napkins And cotton discs take away a lot of money from you?

    Cut a roll of paper towels across. In a plastic container, pour a cup of clean water, add a couple of drops of coconut (castor, olive) oil. If desired, you can add a make-up remover. Perch into the resulting liquid half a roll of paper towels.

    paper towels

    When the paper softens, remove the cardboard insert from the roll.

    Make-up removal

    The resulting wet wipes can be stored in a cool place for several weeks.


As you see, the use of paper towels will help save money And strength, so be sure to take our recommendations into service.

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