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How to stretch shoes

Probably, every woman has a pair of shoes, inWhich is convenient only to sit. When you try them on in the store, it seems that there is no more convenient and beautiful model. But when you come home, you realize that you have never been so mistaken ...

If you bought just such shoes, rubbing, stitching and causing discomfort, take advantage of our advice.

"so simple!" Prepared for you wonderful lifhaki, with which you can easily stretch your shoes. After you can run in your favorite shoes like a cloud.

How quickly to carry shoes

  1. Moisten the inner surface of shoes Alcohol. Shoe shoes and walk in them for 2 hours. Even if you bought shoes that fit in size, we recommend that you do this procedure to soften the hard areas.
  2. Shoes and alcohol

  3. through Hairdryer and warm socks You can quickly and effectively soften the shoes.
  4. Shoes, warm socks, hair dryer

  5. Leather or dermatine shoes, which you have not been wearing for a long time, smudge Castor oil. After cleaning it and remove excess oil.
  6. To rub the shoes with castor oil

  7. The inside of the shoe Paraffin (An ordinary candle), leave for the night. In the morning remove excess paraffin. This way will help you forget about calluses once and for all!
  8. To rub shoes with paraffin

  9. Antiquated method. Stuff every shoe Wet paper (Newspapers) and leave to dry completely. Do not dry such shoes near heat sources, it should dry in a room with room temperature.
  10. Shoes and newspapers

These popular methods will help you Carry out narrow shoes, And also soften the skin in a new pair.

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