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Colors in the interior of the zodiac sign

It has long been known that colors affect ourPsychological, emotional and even physical state. It is also not a secret for anyone that there is a definite relationship between color and the date of birth of a person. for each The sign of the zodiac There are suitable colors and shades that have a positive effect on them. So it's worth taking care of your interior and choosing the right color scheme!

This article is dedicated to Interior by the sign of the zodiac, Where everyone will find a clue that can be used to repair their home or apartment.

What is your interior color according to the zodiac sign

  1. Aries
    The rams are active, impulsive and energetic in life. Their lives are filled with vivid impressions and passion. So at home they dream of a calm atmosphere in which you can relax. Also there should be no piling of things, only useful small details.

    The best colors for the interior - it's light. But the rams do not tolerate boredom. There must be a juicy accent. Perhaps, colorful cushions, a bright refrigerator or a colorful tablecloth.

    Astrologers do not recommend abusing brown shades in the interior, as from them representatives of this sign have irritability and uncertainty.

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  3. Taurus
    The calves change their taste over time, and this is absolutely normal. Most often they prefer fashionable and popular colors.

    In most cases, the bodies choose yellow andOrange. Least of all people who were born under this sign, like bombast. So the combination of pale pink and gold, as well as silver and heavenly, they probably will not like it.

    The bodies do not fit red for the design of the house, for them it is very aggressive.

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  5. Twins
    Twins adore coziness and small details in the interior. They often consult with their parents about repairs. Twins like to relax, so the furniture should be as comfortable as possible.

    People of this sign of the zodiac choose gentle shades: pale blue, pink, peach.

    but, Astrologers Argue that there is an exception - bright yellowColour. It is a symbol of energy and motion. In many cases it is able to relieve depressive states and bad thoughts. With its help creative abilities are easily revealed. For twins, yellow is an integral color of the interior. It is not necessary to paint the walls, you can just add a small yellow accent.

    Blue and purple twins do not fit.

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  7. cancer
    Crayfish love bright colors - green, red, yellow, blue. But, fortunately for their relatives, they have a sense of proportion and exquisite taste.

    Cancers are also lucky silver, elegant gray and white. In no case do you need to use a lot of black in the interior.

    Crayfish are far-sighted, therefore they make repairs qualitatively and with the use of expensive materials. Their dream is a small royal apartment.

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  9. a lion
    Lions ideally plan any, even the most complex apartment. So it is often the representatives of this sign of the zodiac that become designers.

    Lions do not like too bright colors. The exception is red. Most often they pay attention to sand, beige, golden.

    For the interior choose furniture from natural materials.

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  11. Virgo
    The maidens collect many small details in the interior, and then spend time to put everything in order.

    Cold and transparent colors - this is what virgins need. Paint for walls or wallpapers you need to choose blue and silver colors. Also suitable green.

    Virgins do not over-use bright and juicy colors, especially red, burgundy, yellow. Because of this they may develop depression.

    Often the apartments of the virgins are made in a single elegant style. They day and night choose a shade of wallpaper and tiles. But the result is simply delicious!

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  13. Libra
    Scales like dark colors. In an interior with burgundy curtains and other dark accents they feel comfortable. Astrologers advise them to use dark blue, green, sea-green and pastel colors.

    Scales choose dark furniture from natural wood. They categorically do not fit furniture of light color, lovely wallpaper with flowers and still lifes. Most importantly - no orange!

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  15. Scorpio
    Scorpions complement their interiors with things with a story that they gladly tell their friends about. For design scorpions often choose classic colors and shapes.

    For this sign of the zodiac is suitable white, light pink, light blue with the interspersion of gray. The combination of dark shades with gold will also be appropriate.

    So as not to waste your energy, scorpions should get rid of silvery, blue and yellow colors.

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  17. Sagittarius
    The house of the archers is often light, spacious and functional. People of this zodiac sign adore expensive things.

    The streltsy is suitable for both light and cold colors: white, beige, gray, light blue and light purple.

    Not for nothing that archers do not like pink, because this is the color of the desire for stability. It's definitely not for them!

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  19. Capricorn
    Capricorns love unusual solutions. White, silver and blue bear harmony in their house. From the point of view of astrology, the capricorn brings luck to the brown color and its shades.

    Categorically not suitable yellow, red and gently purple colors.

    Capricorns are often workaholics. So they feel best in workshops and workrooms that are comfortable for themselves.

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  21. Aquarius
    In the house of Aquarius you can meet unexpected details of the interior, with which he is very proud.

    Aquarians like to mix colors and styles, so the two neighboring rooms can look as if they came from different houses.

    Aquarians use violet, blue, pearl white. For them there are no shades worse than cream, beige and golden, which they will find boring and beaten.

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  23. fish
    The fish carry good luck violet, green, blue and silver. The main color of representatives of this sign is orange. These colors develop fantasy.

    Fish like to use in the interior of beautiful pictures, peering at which you can think of something pleasant and relax. The fish in the house have many chandeliers and lamps that make the interior lighter.

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In most cases, your favorite colors can beUsed not only in interior and home decor, but also in clothing and accessories. If you take advantage of these tips, eternal harmony and peace of mind will settle in your house.

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