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How to store potatoes

Potatoes - a product without which today is notDo without. For the first time, the population of southern America began to eat wild potatoes, which was bitter in taste. So people waited until the tubers froze and became sweet. From the potatoes they made juice and served it for dessert.

There are a lot of recipes for cooking potatoes. But how to properly store this product?


If you No cellar, Be sure to take these weapons into service. They will help you to keep the potatoes as much as possible in the winter in the apartment.

How to store potatoes

  1. Choose the right grade
    Early varieties of potatoes are not stored for long, especially in the apartment. This potato quickly fades and loses its flavor. So for long-term storage choose Late-ripening varieties.
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  3. Prepare a bag
    The bags from the nonwoven web pass air and protect the potatoes from temperature fluctuations. They are great for keeping a house.

    So that bacteria do not develop in the bag, you can shift the tubers with fresh Leaves of mountain ash. Dry leaves of mint in a bag of potatoes will slow the process of its germination.

    Potatoes are not recommended to be stored with other vegetables, except Beets. Put beetroot on top of tubers, this will help to protect them from decay.

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  5. Provide the right temperature
    Potato storage temperature is 5-7 ° C. Therefore, in the autumn a bag of tubers can be kept on the balcony. But as soon as frost begins, the potatoes must be transferred to the apartment. It can be a corner in the hallway or a cool place by the window.
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  7. Do not forget to touch potatoes
    By storing damaged tubers, weIncrease the risk of rotting potatoes. From time to time it is worthwhile to revise the tubers and throw away the spoiled ones. If an unpleasant smell emits from the container with potatoes or indoors There were midges - Time to touch potatoes!
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Thanks to these tips, you no longer haveThere will be problems with storing potatoes. To any case you need to approach with the mind, only then you will get the desired result. Now dishes from potatoes will feed and please you the whole winter!

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