/ How to protect windows from fogging

How to protect windows from fogging

The increased humidity in the car is a problem that drivers hate with all their heart. Misted-up windows, Wet mats underfoot and soaked in moisture. Real horror!

In the autumn-winter period, these things become familiar, but "so simple!" I am convinced that one should not get used to the bad. We offer you a basic solution - home Means absorbing excess moisture. From now on, the windows in your car will be transparent both in winter and in summer!

How to protect your car windows from misting

  1. salt
    Fill the paper bags for tea with salt andPlace them near the windows. You can make envelopes from ordinary paper and fill them with salt - it does not matter. The more salt there is in the car, the better the effect will be - as you know, it absorbs moisture brilliantly. It will be logical to place the bulk of the salt blanks on top of the instrument panel. A smart means of sweating!
  2. potatoes
    Cut the potatoes into several pieces longitudinally and rub them Glass in the car From the inside. Then wipe the glasses with an ordinary towel. Protective starch film is prepared from fogging!
  3. newspaper
    Folded the pages of the newspaper on the dashboard, and laid up their rear seats in the car. The moisture present in the air will immediately absorb into the newspaper sheets - the windows will remain clean.
  4. lemon
    Lemon - another unbeatable tool in the fight against excess moisture. Wipe clean glass with half a lemon, then polish them with a towel. No fogging will happen!
  5. coffee
    Coffee in a conventional plastic bag with a small hole or in plastic dishes - not only a means that absorbs excess moisture in the cabin, but also a pleasant flavor!
  6. shaving cream
    Apply the shaving cream on the windows in the car's interior with a thin layer. Then just wipe them with paper or a towel. Shaving cream will create a barrier to prevent fogging.
    shaving cream
  7. Diapers
    Perhaps, the best remedy of all listed. Several deployed diapers in different corners of the car - a sure salvation from humidity in the cabin and cloudy wet glasses.
  8. Watercolor paper or newspaper
    Porous watercolor paper or newspaper sheets, spread directly under your feet on the rugs, will significantly reduce the humidity in the cabin.
    German newspaper
  9. Toothpaste
    Headlight protection! For windows toothpaste will not work. Just brush the surface of the headlights with a paste and wipe them with a rag. Do this several times. Clean headlights - a guarantee of safe driving during cold weather.

car - the second house of the motorist, and how you want it to always be cozy! Try these simple home remedies to protect against fogging windows, they will save you in the winter.

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