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How to save electricity

Save on electricity - not just a whim, but a must! Electricity prices Continue to increase, and we spend this resource out of habit unthinkingly. You will be surprised, but the numbers in the accounts can be reduced almost 2 times, using the tricks that we offer.

Everything is simple: to Save, You need to change your eating habitsElectricity. In addition, it is important to take care that everything in the house is reasonably organized, that is, the numerous elektropriborov need somehow to streamline. And each of them is used more rationally!

How to save electricity in the house

  1. shine

    Use Daylight To the maximum! The natural light from the window not only saves your money, but also helps to be in a good mood during the winter spleen. It makes sense to change the dense summer blinds and dark curtains to light tulle. It's great if you have several sets of curtains for all seasons. This changes the design of rooms for the better and helps to use natural lighting with the mind.

    The workplace should be in the area optimally lit by light from the window - this will later enable the table lamp.

    Incandescent lamp and energy-saving lamp

    Time to change the light bulbs, if you have not already done so. Energy saving light bulbs (led) Use 4 times less electricity than conventional incandescent lamps! They serve much longer.


    Turn off the light! It's a question of awareness - turn your attention and check where now the electric light is not particularly needed. In the evenings it is easy to reduce the number of rooms with the lights on. It is enough simply to take the whole family 1-2 rooms instead of being distributed throughout the apartment. It's a good idea to use candles and special economical lamps, night lamps, when you can do without bright light. Evening candle light even once a week will significantly reduce Power consumption!!

  2. Electrical appliances
    power socket

    Disconnect electrical appliances from the network that are notAre involved at the moment. It concerns a computer, a laptop, a coffee maker, a TV set, acoustic speakers, all kinds of charge, a hair dryer and other small electrical appliances. Perhaps this is one of the most stupid ways to spend electricity for nothing!


    Replace the old one Household appliances To a new one. Of course, this method does not suit everyone: it requires significant financial investments. But gradually it needs to be done! An old refrigerator, a TV, a washing machine and a dishwasher are real gluttons in consuming electricity. The new models of these household appliances consume significantly less precious kilowatts.

    Energy saving

    Lifhaki to save energy, If your household appliances can be awarded for long service:

    • Always fill the dishwasher to the limit before switching it on. The same goes for the washing machine.
    • Open the doors of theCooking is not too often. Firstly, it does not reflect very well on the dishes that you cook, and secondly, it is a sure way to release a certain amount of heat outside and spend more electricity.
    • Open and close the refrigerator with lightning speed! To improve the tightness of the refrigerator, it makes sense to replace the rubber bands on the door.

    Use Appliances With good sense! Where you can do without them - do. To wash dishes sometimes it is possible and hands instead of dishwasher. The clothes dryer is perfectly replaced with a clothesline. If you can whip something with a whisk, for example an omelet, do not drag right after the mixer. Saving is to watch out for little things.

  3. Home insulation
    Home insulation

    Well insulated house will help to keep warmAir inside during a cold time and chilled - in the summer. Now a lot of companies offer services for warming the house with mounting foam, tape and special heaters. Having spent money on this procedure once, you do not have to pay for additional electricity consumed by the heater.

    Temperature regulator

    If in your house there is heating system, Think about not heating the premisesToo much. You can walk at home in a light sweater and sleep in the cool - it will save a lot of money. Sleep in a cool bedroom prolongs youth and improves skin condition!

  4. hot water
    Consume hot water 2 times less! Take a shower instead of a bath. Turn it off Hot water, When it is not needed. See how the water heater works, if you have one: it should turn off and do not spend electricity on the constant heating of the water.

These tips can save even the most desperate consumers of electricity! Be sure to tell them about it to your friends - help your relatives save more money for themselves.